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How I Look After My Skin And Deal With Spots.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

I thought I'd put together a post about my current skincare routine. I mean its probably not the best, but I am not a skincare specialists. Here are just a few things I have been doing which has improved my skin, massively!

Knowing whats in your skincare.
So knowing what is in your skincare and what works for you is a major thing you need to look into. I recently came across this article on about the Best Acne Treatment Reviews of 2017. It looks into 42 different treatments and narrows it down the best one. You'll have to give the article a read to see which one is the winner! Since reading this article I am thinking of changing the skincare products I use, now I know a little more about what I should be looking out for and using. Another thing I have been using are facial sponges. So, I got these sponges in my Christmas calendar (my mum makes me one every year haha). I have been using them ever since the middle of December and they have worked great on my skin. I wash my face with my ordinary cleanser then gently exfoliate my skin with the sponge. Not only is it more gentle on my skin than the micro beads in face scrubs, but it also means I don't have to use too many products on my face to scrub away the dirt. They are sooo good and I can't imagine them being too expensive, so they are deffo worth a try.

Dealing with spots.
I am sooo bad with spots. As soon as I see one appearing I have to squeeze it, even if it hasn't got a head on it. After that I will pick without even knowing I am doing so. I have been trying to just leave them recently, letting them pop on their own and disappear naturally. It is hard, it's not nice having a yellow, painful spot poking out of your face but I've learned that leaving it to run its course if miles better than irritating it even more.

Applying make up.
This is going to sound a bit horrible but when the smaller spots (white heads) start appearing on my face, it usually means my make up brushes need washing. I wash my brushes once a week, but if I leave them for an extra day or so thats when those kind of spots start to appear. A lot of people don't wash their make up brushes enough, but I've found washing them regularly does help prevent spots. 
Also when applying make up to a spot I try to leave it to air for as long as possible before hand. By this I mean I do my full face, avoiding the spot/spots. Just before I get ready to leave I will apply concealer. I know putting product on it isn't good but if I am going to work, I will add a small amount of product just to try and hide it away for a while. As soon as I get home I remove the make up on it and let it air again. I know it isn't the best solution but it works for me at the moment.

Eating better.
This is such a predictable thing to say but I do feel like my skin has gotten better from eating healthier. For example, I have cut back on chocolate. It wasn't a decision to do that I just did it without realising. I think the boat load I had at Christmas put me of it a tad haha! If I fancy something sweet now I reach for something like oranges or (my new fave) dried mango. I was never really a fruit person, I much preferred veg, but at the minute I just can't get enough of it! 

Thats how I take care of my skin. How do you take care of yours?

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3... Early January Favourites.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

So I know we haven't left January yet but I am dying to share my 3 favourites. The first being the Irresistible Me Jade (Dual Voltage) Hair Straightening Brush. I did a whole review on this tool if you want to give it a read. But just a quick round up, I love this brush. It is super handy to have on those busy/need to get out of the door/I am going to miss my bus days. You simply brush over your hair a few times and the brush does it all. Like I said in my review, it doesn't give the ultra straight look, but on the days I want my hair to have more volume and a bit more life, I deffo reach for this handy tool. Irresistible Me also sell hair extensions & accessories, so if this brush isn't for you there is always something else (which you are bound to love) on their site.

My second favourite is the Zara top you can see above. It is one of the loveliest tops I have purchased in a while. At the moment I just seem to be buying basics, so something like this is a nice piece to add to my, otherwise boring, wardrobe. Oh, and can you believe it was in the sale, just £12.99! I never grabbed something and run to the till so quick haha! The v neck is a reasonable length and I love the loose fit with the peplum bottom, it's larvelyyyyy.

My last favourites of January are my Vans. I have always loved their slip ons, especially their checked ones. I remember in high school though I got Converse instead because they were more 'trendy' at the time. Oh, the days of trying to keep up with trends haha. Don't get me wrong though, I loved my Converse (and still do!), but I always wanted the Vans. So guess what I got for Christmas? Well, you probably know now from reading that story, but I got my longed for checked Vans. They make my (mostly black) wardrobe a little more exciting, which is always nice.

Those are my favourites, what are yours?

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Coconut Water & Shea Butter Foot Mask.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

There are masks for everything nowadays... ones for under eyes, one to plump your lips, everything! For Christmas I received two different masks for feet. Yeah, your feet! I know some people have this weird thing about feet and toes, so I haven't actually taken pictures of my bare feet, haha. I just thought I'd tell you how amazing they are! The masks, not my feet, hahahah.

So yes, I do really like them. They are a lovely little treat for you feet (smooth rhyme there).
They are basically just plastic socks with a fabric inner. The inner is enriched with coconut water and shea butter to help soften and repair the skin. I just feel like coconut oil is used for everything, so it must be doing something right.

You're meant to leave the boots on for around 15-20 minutes to let the mixture soak into the skin. After that you just slip them off and pat your feet down with a towel. Well, it doesn't actually say what to do once you have removed the socks but my feet were still slippery so I had to pat them down, for my own safety!

I put some cotton socks on afterwards just to let the remaining moisturiser soak in. In the end my feet felt so cool & fresh and super soft too. I think a product like this would be great for the summer time. My feet get a tad dry, especially when I am wearing sandals so something like this would be a life saver, for me anyway.

I am not sure where these products are from as they were a gift, but I have done a bit of mooching online and found them going for around £1 which is a steal!

Have you ever tried any unique masks?

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The Irresistible Me Jade Hair Straightening Brush Review.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Today I am going to be reviewing the Irresistible Me Jade Hair Straightening Brush. These hair straightening brushes really festinate me, I mean, a brush that straightens your hair?! Amazing. I remember when my sister used to get my mum to straighten her hair with an iron, which is really bad I know but you had to do what you had to do haha. Going from that to a brush that does it all amazes me! 
So when Irresistible Me contacted me asking if I wanted to test out their dual voltage hair straightening brush, I did a little happy dance (I am not even lying)! But what is dual voltage you ask? Well, it simply means that the product will adjust your locations voltage. Clever right? This makes it great to travel with. 
To use this product I did need to purchase an adapter as the plug isn't one for a UK socket. They are pretty cheap though, I picked my adapter up from Asda for £3.

So lets start with the basics and how it works. As you open the sleek black box (which has a magnetic fastening, sooo satisfying) the matte, turquoise brush is tucked away neatly & safely. The brush has 3 buttons, an off button and two buttons to adjust the temperature (high and low obvs). Also the brush has a small LCD screen so you can see and pick a temperature that suits you. 
As well as the brush the packaging contains an information leaflet and on the lid of the box are 16 key points. A few of these include, fast heat up, ergonomic design, ceramic technology, no hair damage bristles, an 8ft cord and my favourite feature, auto shut off. 
I always get really anxious that I have left my straighteners on so this feature is great for piece of mind... Always check you have turned it off though, it's not worth the risk!

I took a picture of my hair before using the brush, just blown dry. I hadn't straightened it or anything since washing it, hence its horrendous state. My hair doesn't really have a wave to it as such, it just tends to go kinky at my roots, then flat then kinky towards the bottom. Basically it is a mess if I don't do anything to it. I'll just apologise now for the vile photo, haha!

So, want to see what it did to my hair? Drum role pleaseeeee...

What do you think? I think the results are fab! It isn't as pin straight as when I go over my hair with my ordinary straighteners, but I feel like that leaves more room for volume. My hair deffo didn't feel as flat and looked a lot thicker. It was pretty easy to use and handle too, you just basically brush your hair with it. 
I did section my hair off at first but in the end I think it worked better by just picking pieces of hair and brushing on top of it, then underneath. This is what worked on my hair anyway. 
And can we just mention the colour of this brush?! A lot of hair appliances are usually black, which there is nothing wrong with, but I do love a bit of colour from time to time.

That wraps up this (rather long) review. I hope it helped in some way and gave you a handy introduction to Irresistible Me and their Jade Hair Straightening Brush. They also sell hair extensions and hair accessories too, there is something for everyone!

Have you ever used a hair tool like this before?

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*These products were kindly sent to me but all opinions remain my own. Read full disclaimer here*

Sunday #6 Flatlay Inspiration.

Sunday, 8 January 2017
Black & White // Monochrome Pinterest Board
In my previous post I mentioned how I want to really work on my photography and get to know my camera a little better. I don't want to post just because I have too, I want to post because I love the content I have created. I thought it would be a good idea to put a moodboard together of flatlays and shots that I love. It's a post that I will be able to come back to for fresh ideas and hopefully it will inspire you too! 

I have linked a few of my Pinterest boards too, there is more inspiration over there!

What site gives you the most inspiration?

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What's Next On PRK?

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Happy New Year Guys!! I hope you had a magical time! I spent mine curled up in front of the TV watching Jools Holland's count down with a Southern Comfort and lemonade, mmm. Now I read that sentence back I realise that I sound like an old lady don't I? Haha! I didn't really feel like doing much as I was working over new years. But anyways lets get on with the post shall we? Todays post isn't a 'goals post' (I bloody hate the term goals) or any of that jazz, its just simply a round up/whats coming up on prk.

So, the first thing I want to talk about is my schedule. I am planning on posting every Sunday and Wednesday. I say planning because lets be honest it is probably going to change! I find it hard to take good pictures with this rubbish weather and I have to find the time to blog around my work schedule. So for now, Sundays and Wednesdays it is!

Speaking of pictures, I am really going to try my best with my photography. I got my Canon 700D months ago and I have never really learned how to use it to its upmost potential. I want to work on my flay lays too, and purchase some new props (any excuse for shopping, eh?). I feel like I have kind of found my style a little more recently, I am not completely there yet but I am slowly on my way. 

As for content, I am going to carry on with my '3...' blog series. They are one of my fave posts to work on.  
(3...Basics. 3...Favourites. 3...Songs.)
I am going to carry on with the Sunday mood boards, testing cheaper make up alternatives & finding fashion dupes too. 

I am also going to add a new kind of post to my blog. I am thinking of calling it, 'One Thing A Month:' Or maybe just using the month as the title like this 'January:' then whatever I have done that month. 
I basically want to do/try/experience something different each month and document it here, on poppyrkay. I am trying to experience new things and I feel like setting myself up with the idea of having to post one thing I have done each month will give me the motivation to actually do it. It sounds sad I know but whatevs. I have something planned for February already which is reallllly exciting so keep ya little eyes peeled! Oh, and if you can think of any better names for the blog post idea, please help a girl out!

Oh and my little old young blog is 2 in March, woo! I feel like there is only one way to celebrate it and that is with a giveaway. I did one last year for the 1st birthday too!

Thats all for today kids. I hope you have an amazing year and I hope to see you around here a lot more!

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