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How I Edit My Instagram Photos.

Tuesday 30 August 2016

I find it interesting seeing how other people edit their Instagram photos. Some people get really into it, using loads of different apps and editors. To be honest I keep it pretty simple, so I thought I would share.

 The thing I probably spend the most time on is the photographing. It takes me a lot longer to set up something like a flatlay, and only a minute or so to take a picture of one product/thing.
I take the picture on my phone, making sure it is set to square so it fits my Insta. Sometimes I will use my DSLR camera for better quality images.

Once I have picked the photo I like the most I edit it using the Instagram app. I turn up the brightness & highlights and turn down the warmth, shadows and saturation. My 'theme' is kinda white with pops of muted colour.
So thats all I do really. If the photo isn't bright enough I do use SnapSeed as it is a bit more precise. I use SnapSeed to edit my blog photos too, I think its sooo much better than VSCO.

Thats it! Its nothing fancy really, I just want to edit the pictures slightly and get them on Insta!
Leave your Instagrams below so I can check them out!

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Gucci Loafer Dupes.

Tuesday 23 August 2016

I recently discovered the Gucci loafers and I fell in love with them, especially the backless ones with the fur inside *drools*. Although I love them I don't have £400 upwards to spend, I don't think I'd spend that much on a pair of shoes anyway to be honest! So I went on the hunt for a cheaper alternative. I wasn't really bothered about them having the fur interlining (I thought it would have been harder to find dupes with the fur inside), I just like the backless detail and the shape of the shoe. I knew Topshop had a few different styles (here) but nothing really caught my eye. I kept hunting around and came across a pair from Next. I never used to go into Next, I always thought it was more of a maturer lady shop shall we say... but recently I have been buying stuff from there every time I have popped in (RIP bank account). That includes these loafers. The perfect Gucci dupes! Well, in my eyes anyway!

I love the light brown suede, the golden buckle and the strap on the back of the shoe for extra support. Did I mention the best part? They were only £30! I was so chuffed when I came across them, I knew it was something that I wanted to share on my blog straight away!

Do you like the loafer trend?

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Looking Fresh All Day Long! - Featuring TM Lewin's Infinity Suit.

Friday 19 August 2016

Looking and feeling fresh all day long can be difficult. Whether its at work or at a day long event everyone wants to look smart from start to finish. So I thought I'd put a post together along with a few tips!

So for men I would recommend a high quality suit. TM Lewin's Infinity Suit would be the perfect piece for a long day at work/event. It offers greater protection against crushing and creasing that will help you stay looking sharp all day long. As well as the crease resistance the Infinity Suits open weave absorbs excess water, leaving you feeling cool & comfortable. To go along with the new pieces they put the suit to the test and my gosh, it looks amazing!

Heres a sneak peak! It will be released tonight at 6pm.
Chase Armitage (the model in this vid) has been credited as one of the most experienced and creative directors shooting Parkour and Free Running. Amazing right? An ad like this shows off just how amazing and practical the Infinity Suit is!

My first tip for women is again, investing in a good piece of clothing. Whether you go for a dress or trousers, it is worth investing in high quality pieces! I love Mango and Zara for smart looking investment pieces. My second tip is to always keep some make up in your bag (if you wear it that is!). I always keep my beauty blender, concealer, eyeliner and some lipstick in my bag, just so I can touch up throughout the day.

Those are my tips, what are yours? And how amazing does the Infinity Suit look?!

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Tuesday 16 August 2016

I am back today with a q&a (Thanks for the idea, Marina). I chose 10 question from the get to know me tag... so lets see how this goes!

1- What is your middle name? 
My middle name was meant to be Rose (thats what the r stands for in poppyrkay) but it never got put on my birth certificate. So it's just plain old Poppy Kay.

2- What was your favourite/worst subject in High School?
Worst subject in school was deffo maths, I just couldn't do it! My best would have been fashion/textiles, I loved the lesson and my teachers.

3- What is your favourite perfume?
This is going to sound strange but it was the perfume I used to wear to school. It was like a £5 Morgan one (remember Morgan??). It was super sickly sweet but I loved it. Now I lean more towards my YSL Black Opium one, it's a bit more sophisticated for my age now, haha.

4- What would you (or have you) name your children?
don't really want kids in the future but I love the name Florence for a girl and Bertie for a boy. Old fashioned names are the cutest.

5- What is your favourite movie?
I could never pick one movie!! But I love everything 90's early 00's, like 10 Things I Hate About you and Legally Blonde.

6- What is your favourite drink?
Favourite drink is tea, obvs. Favourite alcoholic drink is between a mojito or a porn star martini, they are soooo good!

7- Do you have any siblings?
I have a sister and two brothers. I am the youngest :(.

8- How would you describe your fashion sense?
This is a hard one because I feel like I don't have a proper style. Like sometimes I want to wear all black and then other times I want to feel girly...but then some times I want to look smart, oh and sometimes I wanna wear a million layers. So it all depends on my mood really, you know what I mean?

9- What are some of your favourite TV shows?
Favourite show ever is hands down, My Mad Fat Diary. Probably because it is set in the 90's, haha! I love American Horror Story too.

10- Tell us one of your bad habits!
I don't think its classed as a habit, but when I leave my house for work I have to walk half way to the bus stop then turn back to double check the door is locked properly. And to see if I left the straighteners on or something. Its so bad but I just can't help but doubt myself. I have almost missed my bus a couple of times because of it!

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3... (Late) July Favourites.

Thursday 11 August 2016

My July favourites are a little late, but hey ho! Better late than never, right? So, first off is of course the Sleek Highlighting palette. I am not going to babble on about it (I have a whole post on it right here) but I will say it is amazing and you that you needed to go and buy it!

 Another fave this month is my new room! I am not revealing too much, although I did put a cheeky snap of it on my Instagram. I want to do a post dedicated to the new bits I have added, so you will see everything in that post!

And finally, my new little babes. I got my Canon 700D right at the end of July, but I had to include it in my favourites. The quality of this camera is unbelievable! I have been taking pictures of bloody everything... It is just so good and well worth the money.

Do you have any favourites for July?

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A Day To Remember - Inspired by Light.

Friday 5 August 2016

I have always had deep love for photography. I am constantly snapping pictures of the most random things... to be honest the spontaneous, in the moment images always turn out the best. When I heard about's Vantage Point project I wanted to participate. One image in particular popped into my mind. It was from my very first trip to London in 2014. I didn't have a camera at that point so I depended on my iPhone 4 to take some memorable photographs. When I took this picture the sun was blinding me, I just pointed my camera at Big Ben and hoped for the best. It was only when I got home and swiped through the images that I came across this one. Straight away I started messing around with the brightness and enhancing the colours, and this is how my fave photograph was born. 
It may not be the best quality or the most exciting image but it is one of my favourites to look back on and remember that sunny London day.
 I visit London regularly now, so I am tempted to go back and recreate this image with better equipment. 
The Light Camera would be perfect for a project like this. A compact camera with multiple lenses that creates a DSLR quality image, perfect! It is defiantly a camera to watch out for and one I wish I had at that moment in time!

Do you have a favourite photograph?
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