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3 Hair Favorites!

Sunday 8 March 2015
These 3 products have really been helping my hair look its best recently so i thought i'd share my thoughts on them!

I don't tend to use all 3 together, i usually use the bumble&bulmble heat/uv protection spray (white and orange bottle) then the bumble&bumble thickening spray or the percry&reed wonder balm.

I always use a heat protection spray first because it not only protects my hair but it makes it feel easier to brush through. It is only a small bottle but a little goes a long way and i really like the way it makes my hair feel. If i want my hair to be easier to work with i will use the thickening spray. This really plumps my hair up but it does make it a bit dry. I have had a few bottles of this now and when this one runs out i will definitely splurge out on another one. If i want my hair to feel softer and look more silky i will use the percy&reed wonder balm.

I don't usually like using creams in my hair because i feel like they make it greasy straight after i have washed it but i decided to give this a go and i ended up really liking it. I just rub the tiniest amount into my palms then apply it from root to tip in my damp hair. It makes my hair look shiny and make it feel super soft. I would highly recommend all of these products!

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