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2 Uses For Old Magazines.

Tuesday 26 April 2016

I have so many old Elle and Vogue magazines hanging around my room but I just cant seem to throw them away. Its like I have some sort of attachment to them. So I use them for other things instead mwhaha (I am basically just a hoarder really). Here's what I use 'em for.

Stack stack stack em!
Stacking magazines and using them as a mini table is the easiest way to keep them! I currently have 2 stacks in my room, one in which I use as a bedside table and the other holds a few planty bits. I also used to keep my record player on a pile of them but that was getting a bit risky.

Pin them up!
I am going back to the days when peoples bedrooms used to be filled with Top Of The Pops (and Tracey Beaker in my case haha) magazine rip outs. Nowadays people are doing the 'magazine pages on the wall' thing a lot nicer... with a bit of washi tape here and there and some little trinkets to hang with them, like old train tickets or post cards. I've even seen someone make a boarder around their bedroom wall with magazine pages, it actually looked pretty good!

To be honest, I think I like to keep my old mags to look back at. I am obsessed with old & new fashion trends at the mo. I just like to flick through and see what was on trend compared to now.

Do you hoard your old mags? 
4 comments on "2 Uses For Old Magazines."
  1. Yes! I'm not throwing them, I have a lot of Vogue and Elle magazines too. Also I'm proud of my collection of IKEA catalogues 😂 I know sounds weird but I loooooove their catalogues. Thank youn so much for this post

    1. Ikea catalogues are great interior inspo! Glad you liked the post, girl!

  2. This is such a cute way of recycling (which I guess is what this is)! Pining them up is a great way to fill and empty wall and looks really pinterest-y! Lydia Eve, xx

    1. That's the aim, to my make my room feel pinterest-y! haha x