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My Favourite Bloggers.

Thursday, 26 November 2015
I am running low on blog post ideas (yes, again!) so I thought I would have a little chat about my fave bloggers, and a few youtubers.

The Michalaks - My all time fave youtubers at the minute! I love settling down every Sunday with a cuppa in one hand and my IPad in my other, watching their weekly vlogs full of adventures in London. Everything they film is amazing quality and so lovely to watch.

Kate La Vie (previously Ghost parties) - Kate's blog inspired me to make my own, probably like many others. From the writing to the pictures, everything is set out beautifully.

Sammi (The beauty crush) - I've been watching Sammi for ages, I love her evolving style and the content on her blog has been amazing recently!

The ugly face of beauty - I have been watching Gracie's videos for a while but I am really loving the inspirational and the foodie blog posts she is creating at the moment. Oh, and I love keeping up with her vlogs.

Its another girls life - I found Mary through Gracie's channel. She's so funny and I absolutely love her style. Deffo watch her car vlogs, they are so funny!

Who is your favourite blogger/youtuber? 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Collection (REVIEW)

Wednesday, 18 November 2015
It's been well over a month now so I thought it was about time that I updated you on my experience with the Tea Tree collection from The Body Shop. I first wrote about this collection when I was suffering from really painful spots, mainly on the big ol' forehead. As well as spots my skin looked shallow and dull, I just basically wanted an all rounder product and this is what I was recommended.

I wish I had taken before and after pictures but too be honest I don't see a massive difference. My mum and my sister have noticed that I haven't been getting as many spots. This is true, I haven't, but the ones I have been getting have still been pretty big and painful. I've started getting the odd one or two on my cheeks which I have never had before. Although it hasn't massively affected my spots the overall look of my skin has improved a decent amount! My skin feels sooo much softer and I think it looks a lot brighter too. 

I also love the feeling of washing, toning and moisturising my face. It's like you can feel your pours being cleaned out (that sounds horrible doesn't it? haha!). I think my favourite product is the toner, it just gives you the super clean feeling.
So, would I recommend this product? Yeah I would, it has improved my skin in some aspects. I think things work differently on different skin types, it just either works for you or it doesn't.

My Top 4 Blushers.

Monday, 2 November 2015

So, it is actually November now! Where has the time gone?! I hope everyone had a good Halloween and is now getting into the Christmas spirit (too early? I think not!). Today I thought I would yap on about my favourite blushers. I used to love the stuff in school (which was quite unfortunate as I constantly looked embarrassed/boiling hot) but then it was just like I had forgotten all about them. Recently I've been wanting to change up my basic everyday make up look, so I dived into my make-up box to rediscover my old blushes and these were my favourite 4.

Natural Collections Pink Cloud  was my love when I was at school. I went out and repurchased it a couple of weeks back and remembered how much I loved it. It gives the perfect pinky glow, and at £1.99 its a barg! Sticking with the pinky tones I am really liking Sleeks Rose Gold. If you're into sparkly blushes this is the one for you. It is a 'traditional' pink shade with golden flecks, its kinda like a blush and highlighter in one. You have to be really light handed with the Sleek blushers because they are super pigmented. On the other end of the Sleek spectrum is Flushed. I love this dark shade for the colder months as it gives a lovely rosey glow. Its matte too so if you're not into glittery blushers this would most likely be a winner. And finally is Clarins Soft Peach. This is called the illuminating blush and I think I would agree. It is almost like a highlight on me, probably because I am pale, but this is the one I have been reaching for the most lately!

Those are my top 4 blushers, what are yours?

I got Tumblr! Well, I've had it for a while and just never used it aha, lets see if I stick to it this time!