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The Cat Cafe, Manchester.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Best day of my life! I went to the Cat Cafe in Manchester didn't I?! It was amazing so I thought I would share my experience with you guys. FYI, this could end up being a very long post!

So we arrived in Manchester on a surprisingly quiet Saturday morning. We first stopped off in The Printworks for some breakfast, which was delish. We then quickly made our way up to the Cat Cafe, which is about a 5 minute walk (10 at a push). 

Upon arrival they explained a few of the rules they had in place. These were just things like, don't chase the cats, don't disturb them while they sleep, don't pick them up blah blah. Its just common sense really isn't it? Haha! We were also told to take our shoes off or we could walk around with those weird little shoe covers on. I didn't know about this so I obviously went unprepared without any socks and I didn't really fancy wearing bags on my feet, so I just went in barefoot.

So, we put our shoes in our locker and headed through a pretty dark corridor (sounds mysterious right?) to be greeted by a bright spacious room, friendly staff, an extremely chilled atmosphere and of course CATS! 

We took a seat on one of the larger sofas and ordered some coffees, which were fab may I add! The drinks were included in the price (£12 for 1 hour) and if you wanted a slice of cake it was an extra £2 or so. It really good value for money as you can have as many drinks as you want. We spent the next hour dossing with the kitties, slurping tea and coffee and taking far to many photos.

Our hour sadly came to an end, but we enjoyed every moment of it and deffo got our moneys worth. If an hour isn't enough for you, you can stay for longer but I think it was something like an extra £1 for every extra 5 minutes you stayed.

The Cat Cafe also holds events like movies nights with the cats to curl up with. That is definitely being added to my list for next time!

Have you ever heard of the Cat Cafe

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Shade Adjusting Drops From The Body Shop.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

A little while ago I did a review on the Jackie Oates Colour Supplement from Lush. I wasn't that impressed with the product and ever since, my hunt for a magical potion that lightens foundation continued. Until I came across The Body Shop's take on the shade adjusting product. Spoiler, I bloody love it!

So, as you can see it is basically just a white foundation that you mix with your foundation if it is slightly too dark for you. 1 drop is meant to lighten your foundation by 1/2 a shade. I usually add 2 drops, to my Revlon Colour Stay foundation (Ivory). It's a great product for pale peoples (like myself) to help lighten up orangey drug store foundations. Lets be honest, it is really hard to find a pale foundation which doesn't oxidate. Plus if you are not willing to splash out on a £30+ higher end foundation this is a great alternative to add to the bases you already have.

These drops are made from a concentration of white and pink pigments which helps neutralise yellowness while lightening. They also have darkening drops, these help guys and gals who find their foundations too light or ashy. A mixture of black and red pigments helps darken while keeping the natural depth. 

The only problem I have with the product is the packaging. I really liked the idea of the little pipette but it just doesn't pick up the lightening product. No matter how many time you squeeze the top or shake it, it just doesn't really grap anything. That is the one and only fault I have with the product. 
(Update: I have just read a few reviews and a lot of people have said the same about the packaging, don't let that put you off though!)

Have you ever tried this product? Or anything similar?

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Clarins Pure & Radiant Facial Mask.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

For christmas my friend got me a few Clarins goodies, including this Clarins Pure & Radiant Facial Mask. Its such a lovely (and luxury) item to have, I've really enjoyed using it. So today I thought I'd tell you my thoughts and feelings on this larvelyyyy product.

So, what does this product promise? It promises to tighten, scrub and refine pores whilst leaving a fresh, toned and matte result. It also softens, smooths and comforts irritated skin AND it is suitable for sensitive skin. I'd agree with all of that, my skin always feels fab after using this mask. My two fave things about it is one, the scent (it smells so fresh and relaxing) and two is the texture of the product. It is a non-drying mask which means it doesn't become flakey and suuuuper drying in the 5-10 minutes applied time. Instead it sits on your face, almost like a cream and to me this makes it feel like it is locking in a lot more moisture. I may be wrong but it feels that way, which I love.

"A deep-purifying mask and face exfoliator —with refreshing Pink Clay and Alpine Willow Herb—cleans, tightens, scrubs and refines pores, leaving a fresh and toned matte result in just 5 minutes. Softens, smoothes and comforts irritated skin with Linden extract. Non-drying texture rinses easily and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin."

My skin has been pretty irritated too recently and I have found this really soothes those aggravated areas. It doesn't really help with the prevention of spots but it does help to ease the pain and redness of them, its just a winner all round I'd say. 

Have you ever tried Clarins Pure & Radiant Facial Mask?

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Miu Miu Lace Up Ballet Flats Dupes.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

I have been in love with the Miu Miu Lace Up Ballet Flats since I saw Lizzy from Shot From The Street wearing them (and that was quite a while ago). Of course I haven't got £500 laying around to splash out, so I went out on the hunt for some dupes. Again, this was a little while ago, but I came across some good alternatives on Zara. Some were a tad more feminine than the Mui Mui ones, and some a little more tougher looking. For some strange reason I left it at that and never purchased any of them. I don't know why, I spent so long searching the internet then all of a sudden I just forgot about it all.
But recently, whilst browsing the deadly Zara sale, I came across my favourite pair of the bunch reduced to just £7.99 (originally £30) YAAAAS!

So, here are the most ugliest prettiest shoes ever! Zara's take on the Miu Miu flats are not a bad dupe. I mean they don't have the statement tie up ribbons but I feel like the blue satin knots on the front make up for that unique element.

As for comfort and sizing I'd say they are pretty good. I have braved wearing them in this freezing cold weather and I can say, they a really comfortable. The sizing is great too, they fit like a glove.

Do you like the style of these shoes?

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Turning 21.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

This feels weird, sitting down and actually putting together a blog post is something I haven't done in a little while. I hadn't been enjoying blogging as much as I used too, so I took a little break and I feel all happy and refreshed now. It was also my birthday on the 7th of Feb, my 21st birthday!! I am 21 and I cant believe it. Not that I feel any different but I now class myself as a proper adult. Saying "oh yeah, I am 20" felt like I was still a kid and I could still get away with things like getting my mum to ring the doctors for me (which I will probably always do, haha). Being 21 makes it harder to get away with things, and that worries me, haha! Anyway, that is my age now and I need to get used to it... Until next year when I will be 22, oh my giddy aunt! 

Today I thought I would share some bits that I got for my birthday and what I did to celebrate it. 

So, lets start with the presents. I was speechless with the gifts I received. I don't want to go into massive amounts of detail but I got a BEAUTIFUL Vivienne Westwood watch, a Pandora ring, perfume, bucket loads of choc, make up and a few plants here and there (of course mwhaha). I was super lucky and didn't expect half of the stuff I got, I am so grateful!

As for the celebrations I decided I wanted to do little things rather than have a party. On Sunday the 4th me, my sister and our friend went to the Cat Cafe in Manchester... Best day of my life. A place to sit around, drink coffee and be surrounded by every kind of cat! Bliss. I took loads of pictures so I am planning on putting a post together about my experience. I also had a small gathering with a few of my friends and family that evening. It was basically just a chilled night in and I loved it. On my actual birthday I spent the day shopping and eating, my two fave things. I then went to see a psychic which was bloody mental. I don't want to share too much but lets just say she was spot on with most things. Oh, and she loved to mention my 'unlucky love life' as she described it, dyingggg hahaha. 

All in all I had a fab birthday and I wouldn't have spent it any other way!

Have you guys been up to anything exciting recently?

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