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Feeling Uninspired...Help!

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Hey guys! I need your help... I have been feeling a bit uninspired recently. A mixture of that and lack of time has meant little/rubbish blog content. So, I just wanted to ask a little question.

What would you like to see more of on poppyrkay?

I have a favourites post coming soon and a few interior posts planned but thats about it. Would you like some more Q&A's? How to posts? Or more of my beauty and fashion related posts? Oh and I got my new camera (this one) today so I am excited to create new content with higher quality images!

So yeah, that's it really. Please feel free to leave any ideas below, I would really appreciate it!
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Sleek MakeUp Highlighting Palette.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

I am baccccck! I've only been gone for like 13 days (it feels like a million years) but I have bloody missed writing on my little old blog! I have been so busy with work I just haven't had time to do anything. It kind of makes me sad because this blog is the thing I really love, I just have to find the balance between that, work and my social life...please help, hahaha! Anyway I am back today with a review of the Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice. Actually, scratch that, it isn't really a 'review' its more of just an opinion.

I love the golden/bronze colour, it makes the product feel a lot more expensive than it was. Inside there are 4 highlight shades (Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar, Equinox). One is a cream highlight and the rest are powders. To be honest I can't really rate the cream highlight because I tend to stick with powders, I just prefer the finish a powder gives. My favourite shade is deffo the yellow toned one. It is so seamless when applied to the skin, it doesn't just sit in one spot. Also with it having the yellow tones to it, it doesn't give me the tin man look (y'know what it mean?!). As for the lilac and bronze shade, they are equally as great! I like to mix these with the yellow shade to tone them down a bit, but I love the tint of colour it adds to the cheek bone. For £10 this product is amazing! I first saw Jeffree Star using this product and he is like the Queen of highlight, so I knew it was going to be a good'en! 

Have you tried this palette yet?
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Etsy Vs Depop & New Plant Hangers!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

You would have seen a post I published a few weeks/months(?) ago about some plant hangers I had made and decided to sell (the post is here if you wanna have a read). Well, I decided to create some more hangers, this time with a different theme. I got the first bit of inspo from a Mitchalks vlog (this one). They went to Iceland and got a shot of a waterfall. It was the prettiest of things to watch and I really liked the colour combo. I then went onto researching water, waterfall, the sea etc and I came across this photo. It basically just went from there and this was the outcome. I have only made one 'regular' hanger and a two tear hanger. This could hold two small pots or are plants. It up to you how you style them!

As well as the 'Ocean' range I created two hand painted pieces. On one side of the plant hanger tray is an open eye and on the bottom there are little eyelashes. These hangers are the same length and width as the original plants hangers. I have started some more hand painted designs, I'll post them soon!

Now I've spoken about the new hangers I wanted to have a little chat about Etsy and Depop. When I decided that I wanted to sell these hangers I wasn't 100% sure on how to do it. So I set up my Etsy shop and uploaded the products on to Depop too. To my shock I had more of a reaction on Depop, I sold 3 hangers! I've now decided that instead of keeping items in both shops I am just going to stick to Depop from now on. Its also a plus using Depop because you don't have to pay for listing your product until you have sold it. Obviously, Etsy and Depop are similar but they are not exactly the same, they are both useful in their own ways. Etsy is great for little businesses (Its like a mini online market) and Depop is fab for selling goods quickly! Maybe if everything goes well I will re-open my Etsy again, but for now Depop it is.

Let me know what you guys think. Also let me know what you think about my plant hangers!
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Summer Essentials: Beauty.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

My Summer beauty essentials, well they never really change to be honest. My first love is a good moisuriser. You probably know that I have been loving Aveeno lotion recently (I even did a whole post on it here). Its super moisturising and great to use on sunburn!

Now on to the make-up. I dug out this Sleek blush (Lifes a peach) that I loved last year, and now I remember why. The orangey colour mixed with a lightly bronzed face is a match made in heaven. The blush is so pigmented, you only need a swift swipe (try saying that ten times fast, haha!) and you're good to go.

This may sound odd, but in summer I just love having a cool bath. In the warmer months I tend to reach for orangey, zesty fragrances and this Lush bubble bar called Bright side is the perfect match. Does any one else enjoy cool baths in summer or is that just me? Hahaha!

Those are my summer essentials, what are yours?
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No-Bake Peanut Butter Treats!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Yaaas, another (non?) cooking blog post. Today I thought I'd share my delicious bites of peanutty goodness... I am not even kidding, they are amazing! Oh and the best thing, you don't even need measurements or an oven to make them!

You will need:
Cling film
Pyrex dish
Digestive biscuits
Peanut butter (smooth)

So first we are going to start by making the buttery base. To do this just break up as many digestives as you want, I used just over half a packet. Once they are like breadcrumbs melt some butter and add that to the biscuit crumbs. For the amount of biscuits I used I melted around 4/5 table spoons of butter. Once it is all mixed add it to the cling film covered dish (this make it easier to get them out of the container when they are ready to serve).

No measurements are need for this recipe so you can make it to your own taste. Want more of a chocolatey bite? Use more chocolate and less biscuit! It is totally up to you.

So now we've got our base its time to pop that in the fridge for 5 minutes. Whilst that is hardening up a tad we can melt our peanut butter. Just melt it ever so slightly so it is easier to spread. I used a (small) full jar for this step. Once the base has hardened slightly add the peanut butter on top and pop it back into the fridge for around 8/10 minutes.

It is then just a case of melting the choc and adding that on top of our delish biscuit and peanut butter base. I melted around 3 small bars for the topping, I like it super chocolatey. Again (don't worry its the last time, haha) pop it into the fridge for about 15 minutes, just to make sure everything is set before we cut it up into bite size pieces.

So, thats it! These are amazing little treat to make for naughty snacks or for a party! If you can't eat peanuts due to an allergy, why not try it with caramel instead!

Will you be making these?
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