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3... September Favourites.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

We are coming towards the end of September now and that means one thing... one step closer to Halloweeeeeen! Anyway, on with the September faves.

So it's no secret (on my insta) that I have an obsessed with my new Next loafers. I did a whole post on them here. They are super comfortable and affordable too! I have been wearing them loads recently and they have worn really well to.

A beauty favourite of September is the L'oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Cleansing Oil. I use this to remove my make up before I have a shower or go to bed. It literally melts the make up away and leaves my skin feeling super soft. 

And finally a new favey scent of mine, Vera Wang Love Struck. I have run out of my YSL Black Opium perfume *sobs*, so I needed something as a quick fix and Vera Wang fit the bill! With notes of pink guava, mandarin, tuberose, lotus blossom, she musk and precious wood, this scent is the perfect everyday fragrance. I know this isn't a new scent on the market but it is still as beautiful as ever.

Throughout September I have definitely been adding a more feminine elements to my style (from beauty to fashion) and I am loving it! 

What has been your September muse?

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I Went To Lush...

Sunday, 25 September 2016

The other day my friend and I went to Trafford. It's not my favourite place on earth (the shops are great, but it gets far to crowded for my liking), but they have a Lush and thats all that I need! I hadn't been to Lush for a while so of course I had to get a few bits.

The one thing I knew I wanted was the Mask Of Magnaminty, a multi-purpose minty masks that keeps spots away. I have been suffering with bad outbreaks again recently, so I decided to go down the natural product route. I'll deffo let you know how I get on with it! 
I tried it the other day, it smells a bit like minty feet (??) but it seems to do the job, yay!

The rest of the bits I got are bath bombs obvssss! The first one that caught my eye was the Lava Lamp. It smells so orangey and zesty, it's lovely! It's the bright orange one with the purple dots on it, did I mention it smells amazing?! The next one I got is an old fave, Honey Bee. It smells so warming and cosy, and I thought with it coming up to Autumn, it would be the perfect relaxing & cosy scent! This doesn't really do much to the bath water (apart from turn it a bit of a wee colour, haha) but the scent is hard to resist. The final product I picked up is the Ickle Baby Bot. My sister is due to have her baby soon so I picked this one up for her. It is a calming bath bomb, containing the usual lavender and chamomile ingredients. 

I plan on going back to Lush soon to pick up some of the Halloween products, so expect another post pretty soon!

What is your favey Lush product?

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3... Favourite Instagram Accounts.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016
Instagram feed on the image is Jamine Dowling's
I love Instagram! It inspires me daily so I thought I'd share my main inspirations at the moment. Starting with @symmetrybreakfast. The food they make looks like art! They take inspiration from around the world to create beautiful breakfast dishes. They have a book too... Instagram can get you far nowadays!

@flatlays is another page I love. I flick through their feed now and again to gain ideas for my own flatlays. I have tried to up my photography game recently and these stunning flatlays have been helping a lot. 

And finally one of my favourite artists/hand letterers, @jasminedowling. I love her work but I also love her aesthetics (I hate that word, haha!). The muted tones and blush pinks are just to die for.

Those are my insta faves of the moment, who are yours?

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Sunday #2.

Sunday, 18 September 2016
Images from Tumblr
I am currently sat in my room with one of those black leathery blackhead masks on (you know the ones I mean??), buried in my duvet with my cinnamon-y scented candles lit and A Nightmare Before Christmas singing in the background...I don't think you could get much more autumnal than that!! 
 It is starting to get a bit cooler outside so of course I have taken full advantage of it. I am in full on autumn mode now and I just want to wrap up in 100 layers already!

What is your favourite season?

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L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Cleansing Oil.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The L'oreal Paris Extraordinary Cleansing Oil. A fab make up remover that leaves the skin feeling fresh and smooth!
If I find a product I really like, I will write about it multiple times (Like the Sleek Highlighter, Black Opium, Aveeno Lotion blah blah blah). Sorry if I go on about things too much, I just like to share my faves!! 
Anyway, back to the cleansing oil. It's a great way of removing stubborn make up, it even gets my waterproof eyeliner off. Oil based products can sometimes scare people and I am not going to lie, I was one of those people. I thought they clogged pores up and left the skin feeling greasy, but not this one. Instead it makes my skin feel super clean... I can't describe it, its just amaze!

And as for the question everyone ask... what is the scent like? Haha, come on we have all judged a product before on its smell rather than the benefits. BUT you'll be glad to know that this product smells lovely! Its fresh and kind of apple-y, you know what I mean?!

It's an all round great product that I would highly recommend!

Have you ever tried a cleansing oil?

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Natural Looking Make-Up For School.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

So a lot of people are back at school, college etc etc after the six week hols. When it was time for me to go back to school I always wanted to 'recreate' myself (this only started from about year 9, I never bothered with make up until then). I never wanted to go back looking the same as I did when I left. The only way I could switch it up was with a new hair cut, a new style which fitted in with my uniform (I did go through a scarf phase...even in summer *cringe*) or try out some new make up. My school was pretty strict about make up so I had to wear something natural looking which was a challenge to recreate differently every year.
Now, I have got slightly better at make up in the past couple of years so this is a look that I would wear if I was at school now and which should fit in with the school rules (if you have any). 

For base I think the Revlon Colour Stay has great coverage but still looks super natural and fresh. This is the foundation I wear nowadays but at school I used to wear the L'oreal True Match which is equally as good and slightly cheaper, win! 
To conceal the under eyes and spots I went for the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. This isn't very brightening, its better for the coverage and again is cheap and cheerful! I didn't set the foundation as I want to keep it fresh looking and not too thick. To shape my face I used the Clarins Bronzing Duo. I used the lighter side to carve out my cheek bones. There are cheaper alternative for bronzers like the Bourjois Bronzing Powder. I finished the base off with the Sleek Highlighting Palette, using the tiniest amount added it to the cheek bones and nose. I think this give the look a youthful and awake vibe. Oh, I almost forgot, blush!! I added Natural Collection Pink Cloud to my cheeks, adding to the youthful feel.

As for eyes I kept it extremely simple, adding a wash of Clarins mascara to the eyelashes. And brows you ask? I never used to do anything to mine at school... I was too afraid hahaha! But now I just comb them through adding Benefit Browzing to shape them.

Thats my take on the natural back to school look. 
What are your natural looking make up tips?

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Sunday #1.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

For a while now I have been putting pictures together, kinda like a mood board. I haven't got anything better to do with them so every Sunday I will be sharing a new one. This weeks mood board is based around pinks, greys and planty things (obvs!). There isn't going to be much writing along with these posts, maybe just a question or a thought of the day. 

I am really into the blush pinks and pale greys at the mo. Whats your colour palette of choice?

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