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My Little Dream Box - Email Your Future Self!

Thursday, 30 April 2015
Today i thought i would do a quick post on a website i heard about not too long ago! It called 'My Little Dream Box' and you basically just write an email to your future self and in exactly a years time (from when you sent the email) you will receive it in your email inbox. 

You can write whatever you want as you will be the only one to read it...unless you share it with people. In mine i wrote about my personal goals for the next year. A year down the line i will hopefully be able to tick all of my goals off of the list. 

It will be interesting to see how much things will have changed with in a year. I think it is such a lovely idea, I just wanted to share it with everyone!

A Dove Tinted Moisturizer.

Sunday, 26 April 2015
As spring is here and summer is only around the corner i thought i would kick start my tan. I rarely tan but when i do (mostly during the beginning of spring) you can guarantee i will be wearing this!

It is the Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion For Medium To Dark Skin to be exact. I use to buy this in the lighter shade but it never use to do anything to my skin, so i decided to go with the darker shade and the result were a lot more satisfying. As you can see the cream has a golden colour to it. On application it gives slight shimmer to the skin. Once it has sunk into the skin the colour starts to show is lovely and subtle! It is also really moisturizing and isn't sticky or greasy at all which is always a plus!

I would deffo recommend this for paler people, it gives such a streak free, golden tan just in time for bare leg season!

Places I Go: Birkacre Lodge...

Thursday, 23 April 2015
My friend recently moved and we thought we would go for a wonder around Birkacre Lodge, not too far from her house...

I've got to say that on walks i usually get a bit bored and restless but there was something to see around every corner at Birkacre Lodge! There was one strange thing that stood out to us on our trek which appeared to be a fallen tree (2nd and 3rd pictures from the bottom).When we got closer we saw pennies sticking out of it like scales. Most of the coins looked old and bent but there were a few new(-ish) looking ones. We didn't really know what they were doing wedged into the tree... we just put it down to being a good luck thing? We took the doggies (Tilly and Sam) with us and it's easy to say they were pooped after our adventure, as were we!

I live in a small village which is surrounded by farms and fields but i love finding undiscovered woodlands so close to home.

Quick Everyday Make-up.

Sunday, 19 April 2015
I thought i would do a quick post on the make up i throw on when i have to be out and about!

This is the make up i can quickly throw on and i know it will look decent enough for the day but to be honest, i don't really wear much more when i do have a spare minute. If i do have some more time to get ready i will usually just add some eyeliner, a bit of eye shadow and some lippy!


Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur
I cannot apply my foundation with out some sort of primer. If i don't use one my make up only sticks to certain parts of my face and it seems to drag along my skin. At the moment i am using this maybelline one and i am really liking it so far.

Revlon Colour Stay
I think this is my third bottle of the revlon colour stay foundation, i really love it. I literally use the tiniest amount and the coverage is perfect for me! I use the lightest shade and for a high street foundation it is a pretty good match.

Blush Quad
I have no clue when or where i got this quad from which sounds kinda gross i know! I use the darkest pinky/brown shade as a contour. I am pretty pale so when i use a brown brozer it makes me look orange and muddy. Using this blush palette really complements my skin.

F&F Highlight
This highlight is from Tesco believe it or not. It is a mouse formula and i love how easy it is to apply.  It is in a pinky shade so again, it suits my pale skin.


Benefit Browzing
This is going to sound really bad but i never used to fill my brows in. I used to just apply some eyebrow gel and the job would have been done...but recently i have been using this Benefit browzing palette and i love how defined and clean it makes my brows look!

Maybeline Brow Drama Brow Gel
I have used this product since it first came out and still using it now. I haven't really tried many brow gels but this one is doing the trick for now! I love the way they have added a bit of colour into the gel so it isn't just clear.

L'oreal Telescopic Mascara
My sister bought me this mascara as part of a set for Christmas and i will deffo be buying it again! It makes my eyelashes appear really long with out having to apply too much product. It does the same thing to my lashes as the benefit their real mascara does, winning!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Crayon
When i first got this eye crayon i was finding it really difficult to blend onto my eye lid so i went off it for a while. Recently i rediscovered it and started to use it as a highlight for the inner corners. I love the golden colour of it, it really opens up my eyes.

Rimmel Lip Liner
This rimmel lip liner is the shade tiramisu. It is a lovely browny shade which i have been applying all over the lip, using it as a lip crayon. It kind of has a 90's vibe to it.

Benifit Hoola Lip Gloss
To finish everything off i just add a tiny bit of lip gloss on top of the lip liner so my lips don't appear as dry. This hoola lip gloss looks brown but when applied to the lips it is more of a clear shade with a browny tone.

And that's it! I don't have the most expensive make up at the minute, but this works for me on a daily basis.

Jungle Green Queen.

Monday, 13 April 2015
So a week ago or so i did a post on my 4 fave nude nail polishes (here). When i had finished this post and started to tidy away i had a quick look through my collection and realized the only colour i had, other than nudes, was a bright orange by Barry M. So i got stuck into the Avon magazine (yes, again i know!) and ordered a few shades, this khaki green being my favorite.

This nail polish is by 'Avon Color Trend' in the shade 'Jungle Green Queen' and was surprisingly only £1! Not having very high hopes, because of the price tag, i painted my nails and was extremely happy with the coverage and colour. It glided on evenly with just one coat! It also dried super quickly! I then came across my matte top coat from Barry M and once i added this on top i fell in love with the combination.

This is what my nails turned out like and although it isn't a massive pop of colour its deffo different to my usual nude polishes i reach for on a daily basis. Having this on for a few days now i do have to say it hasn't got the best staying power as it has started to chip...but it was only £1 so i can not complain!

My Top 4 Lipsticks For Spring/Summer.

Friday, 10 April 2015
Today i thought i would share my 4 favorite lipsticks to wear for spring, moving into summer.

From left to right:

L'oreal Paris - Tempting Lilac
This is the shade i wear the most, as you can see from the size of the bullet! It is a natural looking lipstick but as the name suggests it is a lilac colour with a pinky under tone. It is really glossy but its not sticky or heavy on the lips which is always good for a hot summers day.

Soap & Glory - Blush Pink
Blush pink is my all time favorite matte lipstick. It kinda reminds me of a 'Kylie Jenner' colour...matte, nude and super light to wear! Shade wise it is more or less the same as the L'oreal one above, but the Soap & Glory one is matte, therefore longer lasting.

Revlon - Tutti Frutti
The name of this Revlon shade screams summer! It is a lovely, glossy, orange shade that i wear almost as much as the L'oreal one. I especially like to wear it when i have a bit of a tan. I love orange lipsticks but am i yet to find a matte one that isn't too heavy on the lips.

Revlon - Striking Spectaculaire
I never used to wear reds in spring/summer as i always thought of them as a winter shade but when i found this matte lip balm i was converted. This tone of red, with its slight orange undertones, is so bright it almost looks luminous (which i love). Another thing i love about this is the minty taste it adds to your lips on application.

Snack Time!

Monday, 6 April 2015
To switch up my blog posts a bit i thought i would share a few of my favorite snacks to make.

The first one is what i reach for if i fancy something sweet after my tea. It is made up of yogurt, berries and honey. To throw this together i just empty a pot of yogurt into a bowl, add my washed berries (whatever i have in the fridge) and drizzle some honey on top to make it even sweeter! It is so easy and healthy too.

The next kind of snack is if i get hungry in between meals. It's just some hummus with a wholemeal pitta bread and green olives. Olives are my latest muse, I never thought i liked them for some reason but i recently tried them again and i actually love them! 

My final favorite snack is the traditional tea and biscuits. I usually have coffee throughout the day but in the evening i love a cup of tea and a few biscuits. This is definitely the inner granny coming out in me, haha!  

So this is what i have been reaching out to eat recently, healthy and not so healthy but all equally as good as each other!

4 Nude (-ish) Nail Polishes.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015
For a while now the only nail polishes i have been wearing are the 'barely there' kind. I don't know what it is but these shades make my outfit feel more polished (no pun intended!).

Sally Hansen - Bare Dare
The Sally Hansen polish has amazing staying power! Usually my nail polish chips with in the first day but this didn't chip at all for at least 5/6 days. Even when it did begin to chip away it was because of me unconsciously picking at my nails. As for the colour, it is the perfect traditional nude.

Barry M Hi Shine Jelly - Lychee
The Barry M colour is very similar to the Sally Hansen one above. I'd say the Sally Hansen shade has a slightly more yellow tone to it and the Barry M lychee is more browny but, apart from that they are very similar. The staying power from lychee is not the best but the colour makes up for it.

Barry M Matte - Vanilla
Although the name of this shade is vanilla it couldn't be further from it! I'd describe this shade as a really pale lilac, which i love. It is also matte which is another big plus as i am all about the matte nails at the minute. The coverage on this polish is so good. You only need one coat, plus it dries super quick!

Avon - Maudified
Maudified is the newest polish to my collection and the one i am wearing at the moment. I have had it on for around 3 days now and it hasn't chipped yet! This is amazing saying it was only £1.75. The colour of this one isn't exactly nude but it is a lovely light shade. The only way i can describe it is as a dirty, dusky pink, which doesn't make it sound very appealing...

Out off all of these i do think the Sally Hansen nude is my favorite but the Avon one is a close second!