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Last Minute Easy Special Effects Make Up (Mermaid Scales).

Friday, 28 October 2016

I know that this is really last minute and I am disappointed in myself but I thought I'd share anyway... this is a super easy mermaid, dragon, scaly look I created. Using only fake blood, latex (both from Wilko's), cotton wool and a few eye shadows this looks is surprising easy to create. 

I first started off with mixing cotton wool and latex together to create the scales individually. Once I had around 6 scales I started to bond them to my skin using more latex. I made sure the scales curled up slightly to give it more dimension. Once the scales were attached I let them dry then covered them in foundation to match my skin tone. If you are going to use this for a mermaid look you could always paint the scales blue, or green if you are going for the dragon look.

Once the scales matched my skin tone I simply shaded in with black eye shadow and added a ton of fake blood on top of the black, to make it look like the scales were lifted from my skin and all bloody. Its hard to explain but I am sure you can get the gist from the photos. I also added some faint veins and bruising around the scales.

Believe it or not this only took me around 1 hour to create. The longest part was waiting for the latex to dry! It is really easy and super handy if you are in need of a last min halloween costume, but still want to look like you put in loads of effort.

Are you doing anything for halloween this year?

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Turn FOMO Into GOMO - Inspired By Eventbrite.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

What is FOMO you wonder? It means fear of missing out... We've all had and still have it but that has gotta change! Eventbrite, the largest self-service ticketing platform, are determined to turn that FOMO into GOMO (going out more often) and I am totally with them! Eventbrite allows you to create, promote and host events using the event planning & management software. It is easy and stress free to use AND everything you've created can be track through the site, whats not to love?!

So, how am I beating FOMO? This autumn I am trying to do as many activities as I can! Starting with Farmaggedon! Farmaggedon is basically a scare attraction. You know the kind when people jump out at you and you have to walk through terrifying rooms to get to the exit? I am so scared haha! I have been wanting to go for ageees so this year I decided to bite the bullet and go for it!

Another thing I am doing this autumn is going staying with my mum in London. I haven't been for a while as I have been working a lot but I've managed to book some time off in November! I am super exited, I don't know what it is but I love late nights in London. I love that people are still up and wondering around, does that sound weird? A whole new world comes alive at night and I love it. I did a little YouTube video about a London evening a while ago, take a look here. But seriously, when I am not there, I feel like I am missing out... So get me into the London nightlife, quick!

The final thing I really want to push myself at is my Youtube channel. I would love to create mini movies of the lovely places I go. I have done a few before but I filmed them on my phone (rubbish quality!) and I had to borrow someone else's computer to edit them on. Now I have my own laptop and my new camera to do this, I think I could create some good content. This is definitely going to get me out more, and I hope to find some beautiful undiscovered destination along the way!

So, thats how I am GOMO! Have you got anything exciting planned?

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3... Autumn Fashion Faves!

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Todays post is in collab with Quirky Dom! Her blog is so lovely and her style is amazing!  We decided to do something autumn & fashion related. I went down the autumn fashion faves route and Dom put together three autumn looks

So, on with the post! My first favourite has to be the bell sleeve top. I know, I know, I keep going on about them but I love em! Just a small detail like a flared sleeve can make all the difference to an otherwise boring outfit. The one pictured above is from Zara, can you believe it was only £18! I've worn it so much already and had loads of compliments about it.

A new trend I love this year is the metallic tee (is it even a trend this year? haha! I like it anyway!). I have never been one for metallics, I've always shied away from them... but this year I am giving them a go. The silver pleated tee is from Primark, it only cost me £8. Amazing right?! This paired with a long coat, black jeans and a thick scarf is the perfect (and unconventional?) autumn outfit!

And finally, a kind of love & hate relationship, the suede cord choker. I am not the biggest fan of chokers. I mean I like the thin cord ones and the chain ones, but I am still undecided about the larger material ones everyone seems to be wearing. I think this cowboy looking one is more my style, I just need to learn to keep it on for longer than an hour. They start to annoy me after a while haha! Mine was from Amazon, around £3 I think.

These are not the traditional autumn trends, like thick jumpers or dark lips. These are what I am loving this year. What is your fashion fave this autumn?

Oh, and don't forget to check out Dom's blog!!

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Autumn Squeezed Into A Candle!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I love candles! Who doesn't?! I love every scent, whether its fresh, sweet or musky. My go to is definitely the sickly, cosy fragrances though. This Wax Lyrical candle is the epitome of autumn... with its rich warm spice made up of cinnamon bark, cloves and ground nutmeg, it is definitely going to get you in the autumn and (dare I say it) Christmas spirt. 

I found this candle in a local discount shop. It was full of Yankee candles, trinkets, christmas decs and quirky prints. I only paid £2 for it, bargain right?? I tried to find it online but for some reason I couldn't spot it. I am not sure if it is just an in-store product or if they are discontinuing. Either way, if you see it in store be sure to grab one!

It burns for up to 35 hours too, so that £2 deffo goes a long way!

What is your favourite candle?

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Sunday #4.

Sunday, 16 October 2016
All images are from Tumblr
So I know I did one of these Sunday posts last Sunday, but I didn't have a lot of time to photograph much this week. My little niece was born on Monday so its be all go! Oh, and my laptop wouldn't stop turning itself off, so theres that too haha.
 I am very critical of my photography and I like to take my time when shooting and writing for my blog. So here we are with another mood board! You guys seem to like these posts anyway so I hope you don't mind (everything will be normal again soon).

This weeks board is based on street style (its very monochrome too). I feel like I fell out of love with fashion for a while but now I am starting to love it again! So recently I have been lurking through Tumblr, Insta and Pinterest for inspo.

What have you recently fell in love with again? 

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The Autumn Tag.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

I have done a couple of tag posts before and they are not usually my thing BUT, I couldn't pass on the Autumn tag! I found this tag on Makeup Savvy's blog, go check it out. Lets get cracking! By the way, this post is probably going to be very Halloween related sorryyyy.

What signifies the start of Autumn for you?
I don't really know when I start feeling in the autumny mood. It just comes all of a sudden and I feel the need to light my candles, drink hot chocolate and watch Halloween-y films!

What is your favourite Fall scent?
My motto is the more sickly the better! I really love warm, cinnamon scented candles. I also love the apple spice potpourri scent from Yankee candle, mmmm!

What is your favourite Autumn colour?
I struggled with this questions because I tend to wear the same colours all year round *cough* black *cough*. I suppose I do start to add emerald greens and strong mustards to my colour palette.

What is your favourite Autumn drink?
It is deffo not the pumpkin spice frappuccino. I got it the other day, trying to be all autumnal and what not, but it just made me feel a bit sick to be honest. I think I'd just have to stick to a good old hot chocolate!

What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this Fall?
I am more into films than TV shows, although I do love American Horror Story. My favey films are A Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween Town... basically all the kiddie ones hahaha!

What is your favourite frugal Autumn activity?
Halloween of course. It's not as big as here in the UK as it is in America but I love browsing the decoration aisles and carving pumpkins. Oh, and this year I am going to Farmaggedon, yaaaaas!

What is your favourite make up look come the Autumnal weather?
I am going to sound like a basic B right now, but who cares... dark red lippie! Dark lips and a winged liner are my go to.

Let me know if you complete this tag and leave your blog down below so I can check it out!

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Sunday #3.

Sunday, 9 October 2016
All images are from Tumblr
Plants everywhereeeee! I am obsessed greens and wooden tones at the moment, I mentioned it in last Sundays post. This is deffo reflected in this weeks post, I feel like my interior style is evolving and I am leaning towards darker earthy tones rather than all white everything! Who knows, I might decided to actually reach for brighter colours soon, but for now, green is enough.

How would you describe your interior style?

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£2 Lip Crayon?!

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

I love trying inexpensive make up, whether its brands I have used before or ones I have never heard of, I give them all an equal chance. 
So, today I am going to chat about another Primark product. It's the PS... Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in a dark vampy/plum colour. I don't know the actual colour name (I think it might be called shameless?). I had high exceptions for this product, the Lip Liners are lovely and really affordable. Unfortunately, I could not say the same for this lip crayon. When applied to the lips it cakes up almost instantly. It feels so heavy when it's on and leaves that weird ring around the lips when it starts to come off. Although it isn't on the same level as their lip liners I am glad I tried it out. It just a shame because I really do love the colour.

I am on the hunt for a dark lipstick with great staying power, if you know of any leave recommendations in the comments! 

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Customise Your Wardrobe.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Todays post is about adding a little something to your wardrobe... like the actual wardrobe, not the clothes inside (this isn't a fashion post it's a DIY-er!). Its nothing difficult and you've probably seen it before but I thought I'd share anyway.

I've been wanting to do this to my wardrobe for a little while but it is just basically some draw knobs/handles glued (with Gorilla Glue) to the blank side of my wardrobe. I wanted to do this for two reasons. One reason is so I can start introducing wooden tones to my bedroom. I got caught up in the 'all white furniture' thing and now my bedroom feels a bit cold looking. I've added some wooden hexagon shelves, my whicker chair and now these hooks! 
Another reason was so I could display things, and use them in my blog/Insta photos... and storage to I guess haha!

How else can I introduce more wooden tones into my room? 

PS. Do you prefer longer or shorter posts with more images? (I am struggling with the writing part of my blog a little bit, I don't want to seem like I am waffling on all the time).

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