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Sunglasses Collection 2015.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015
The weather has been amazing here recently, well as amazing as it is going to get. So i decided to throw together a quick post about my sunglasses collection. I have a bunch of old and new pairs so i thought i would share them.

The black round pair are my most recent purchase. I got them from Primark for £1, bargain! They are actually a really nice size, not too big and not too small (which is actually really good because i have a pretty big head).
 I did also buy another pair of glasses from H&M but i seem to have misplaced them... no surprise there! 
The next two pairs i got are from Asos (Blue lens ones and the smaller round ones). I got them in winter when they flog all of their summer stuff off for cheap. You can tell these are a little bit more expensive than the Primark ones but i suppose you get what you pay for. 
Next are the cat eye-ish ones i got from H&M last summer. I love the way these ones frame my face. I also love the little gold detail on the top edges. 
Last but not least are the oldest pair i own. I got them from Asda like 3 years ago and they are still going strong. They are also really good quality for the price!

My collection is tiny compared to some people but i would really like to add a designer pair to the bunch. Maybe the new Dior ones...

Barefoot Botanical Rosa Fina Face & Décolletage Oil.

Thursday, 25 June 2015
I have been wanting to add something new to my skin routine for a while now. My skin is not the best condition, it looks so dull and lifeless. As i was planning to splurge on multiple skin products my sister came home with two bottles of the Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Face & Décolletage Oil, jeez that was a mouthful! I've heard of Barefoot Botanicals before but i always thought it was created with the older ladies in mind. Anyway as soon as i saw the words 'powerful vitamins to smooth away blemishes and visibly lift your complexion' i was sold. That night i sparingly glided the oil over my neck and face and went to bed. I woke up the next morning and my skin was visibly brighter and felt super soft! I have been using it for a week now and although it isn't really healing my spots it is making my skin look a whole lot cleaner and refreshed.

As for the packaging, it is so pretty. The bottle is frosted glass and on top of the lid is a button. When you press it it sucks up the product, to release it you just press the button again. I really like the idea of this because it makes the process of using the product a lot cleaner and hassle free!

The only down side is the price of the product for the amount you get. As you can see, compared to my hand, it is a pretty small bottle. I use about two drops and really work it into the skin to make the most out of it. I reckon it will last me a while but it doesn't really justify the price.
I would recommend this product for people of all ages and skin types, it really does make dull skin look amazing!

Simplistic Interior.

Friday, 19 June 2015
I am trying to create more interior related content on my blog so today i thought i would write about the shelves that sit in my bedroom. 

I originally had them put under my TV for books and DVDs but it just made my room look really cluttered. After a while i re-jigged my shelving and added lots of candles and little trinkets but then i realized i had melted the corner of my TV...(my mum thought it was hilarious!). After that disaster i shifted everything around once again but this time i thought i would go down the more simplistic route. I am finally happy with the way they look...for now anyway!

I stuck to a green, white and black theme. These colours look clean and fresh and i think it really does make my room look bigger. 
On the top shelf i have a mixture of cacti, glass bottles and jars for candles, which i keep away from the TV may i add! I also have a succulent and i made a hanging thingy so it could dangle from my shelving. On the bottom one i just have my tiny camera collection and some fake flowers.

The only thing that annoys me are the wires from my TV. It makes everything look messy but i wouldn't know how to hide them with out embedding them into the wall. Apart from that little bug i am happy with what i have created. I think i much prefer the simple look, especially in my miniature sized bedroom!

Doubts About Blogging.

Friday, 12 June 2015
I was reading a blog post about lack of motivation a few weeks back now and it kinda linked into a blog post i had been thinking of writing for a while...doubts about blogging. 

Being Shy
Anyone who knows me will know i am such a shy person. I have got better since working and college but i am still pretty guarded. I try my hardest to push my self out of my comfort zone. Like a year ago i wouldn't have had the courage to make a blog... I was even to shy to post on Instagram. I don't really know what it was but one day i just thought eff it! I used to think that people would make fun of me for doing something like this but to be honest nobody cares aha. I think the only person I know who reads my blog is my mum aha! 

Staying On Track
I have been pretty rubbish with this at the minute. Things have just caught up with me and i literally have no time! I have come to realize this isn't a bad thing though. Sometimes you need to have time away from a hobby to get back on track with other things and to get the creative juices flowing again (that sounds pretty gross...doesn't it).

This is one thing i get really aggravated with, the quality of my blog. I get annoyed with my layout, my pictures, my content and most of the written part of blogging. I am rubbish when it comes to spelling, grammar and everything else involved. I always have to re-write my post because I use slang without even realizing. Anyway, lets just say it is not my strong point... but who cares?! If it makes some sort of sense i am sure people will get the gist of things.

I know people always say 'money isn't everything' but to be honest it does help. At the minute i cannot afford a decent camera. I am currently using a Nikon Coolpix L820 which isn't a bad camera at all but i would much prefer a Cannon. Maybe one day i will get one but for now I'll just have to work with what I already have.

Comparing Yourself
I do this allllllll the time. I always compare myself to bloggers which have been around for years who have turned blogging into their career. I try to remember they started from nothing with blogging at their hobby like me. Maybe this will go further one day, who knows.

Put Yourself Out There
ERGH! I am rubbish at this! I post on Instagram and comment on some blog but apart from that i don't really put myself out there. This kinda links in with being shy I guess. I just feel like a pest talking about my blog. I suppose if i want my blog to be seen i have to let everyone know about it. I still struggle with 'advertising' my blog so any tips will be welcomed with open arms!

Even though I could probably think of a hundred more things on top of these, I won't nag on any longer!

Bell Sleeve Lovin'

Tuesday, 2 June 2015
I am trying to transition into my summer wardrobe at the minute (even though it is currently raining and blowing gales here) and a bell sleeve top is deffo going to be a staple for me. As i have purchased a few i thought i would show you my fave ones!

New Look
Pattern - I love an item with a bold pattern for summer. I usually wear black, white or grey so an item like this is really out of my comfort zone. I paired this with some black jeans and black chunky sandals...i have to have some element of black clothing, haha! To be honest i would prefer this tee with a more dramatic bell sleeve but i still love wearing it nonetheless. 

Simple - This is the most recent item i have purchased so it should still be available. I really like the slightly larger sleeves with the crochet detail on this piece, i feel like a wizard-hippie when i wear it! I love how simplistic it is too. I have been wearing this with leggings and blue jeans but i think it would look really nice with some patterned trousers and sandals.

Detail - This piece is the most comfortable of them all. It is extremely loose fitting which is ideal for summer. As the sleeve detail can be pretty in your face i think this tee would look nice dressed down with some 'mom jeans' and some converse. It would also look nice slung over a bikini/swim suit as cover up.

To finish my collection i want a really dramatic bell sleeve top so i can swish around in the sunshine, if it ever arrives!