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The Circle Clip.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

So, remember the clip I was talking about in my last post here? The round one?! Well it finally came so I thought I would give ya a preview. 
Before adding anything to my hair I've gotta curl it and add some dry shampoo, this GirlzOnly one being my favourite.

Sorry for the rubbish quality. Had to use my phone to take the pictures didn't I :(
The clip was like £1.70 from Amazon so I wasn't expecting a whole lot, but when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised. It's a decent heavy metal and although it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be its still a lovely piece to add to an otherwise boring hair style. I have been having a play with it for the past couple of days and I am not going to lie... it is the most difficult thing to put in your hair. First off you cannot put too much hair into the clip because it just wont shut (duh). Also I couldn't figure out how to pull the hair through the clip like on the picture on Amazon. Since I have, taken these blog photos, I have worked it out but truthfully its too much faffing for me so I just throw it in my hair like this... oh the horror aha!
I think it is deffo worth the couple of quid it was but, being the worlds worst person when it comes to hair, it is a lot of fiddling about. I think I'll just keep this look for special occasions when I have the time and patience.

What do you think of this hair accessory? Even though this isn't the correct way to wear it hahahaa!

Save Money When You Shop.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

I am a massive fan of looking around and finding things for cheaper. If I believe it is a trend that I will only wear once or twice I will not splash out the moola! Same goes for home-ware...what is the point? I do fall into the 'trend trap' now and again but who doesn't eh...but here are a few tips I use to avoid that as much as possible!

Basic ranges - every shop has them. A section where the clothes and shoes are simple, but staples. H&M do a really good basic range but I have been loving Primark's recently. Recent purchases included some really comfy (aka baggy) tops for £6 and these amazing snake skin print slip-ons which cost me a fiver! I have been loving the whole snake skin print boot trend I have seen all over Instagram but when I tried them on I just felt like a pimp or something. So, snake skin flats will do the trick!

Sales - They are booming in January. Every shop is wanting to get rid of Christmas/Winter stock which means massive reductions. In the sales I do pick up a few clothing items but I mainly head towards the jewellery stands (especially the ones in Topshop). Items are usually reduced to a couple of quid so I stock up until the summer sales come around.

Amazon - It is a really good site for finding dupes. I have been eyeing up this Asos Circle Clip for a little while and although it isn't a lot of money, I knew I could find it cheaper on Amazon and I did here for £1.78! Same for my silver Casio. I got the gold one for my 17th birthday (£30 in store) a few months after that I bought the silver one for around £12 online.

As for homeware, Ikea is amazing for cheap plants...but everyone knows that anyway! Another good place to look for home-ware pieces is at the supermarket. I got this 'P' candle plate for around £2 at Asda. I use it to place a few jewellery items on and you've got a chic, trendy piece to place on your desk.

Do you have any money saving tips? If you do let me know! Oh, and don't forget to leave your blog links in the comments so I can check them out!

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I Updated My Blog!

Sunday, 17 January 2016
(I have even changed the header already...I am so indecisive)
I have finally updated my blog layout! I've been wanting to do it since early christmas but I didn't want to pay too much for a layout and I definitely didn't know how to do it myself. So I went on Etsy, found an amazing seller and here we are!

I am still learning how to link things up and stuff so not everything is perfect just yet...but I am so happy with it so far! I want to update my banner soon too.
Let me know what you think! Do you prefer the new layout?

The Perfect Home For A Crosley Turntable.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Interiors and d├ęcor are my thing. I love swapping my bedroom around I actually work in a home furnishings kinda store. My dad is letting me decorate the living room soon, which I am super excited about too! But that's another blog post. My most recent project was finding a home for my Crosley turntable...I have had it for a year and until now its never really had a home. Of course I looked for the record player stands and found some nice ones like this one here but they were super expensive. So, I just placed it on a pile of Elle magazines and lived with the eyesore. Then on Instagram I saw someone using the IKEA Bekvam Step Stool as a side table. I had a light bulb moment and knew my record player would fit nicely on top. So what did I do? I went and bought it didn't I! Along with a new duvet cover and some plants I didn't need (I cant resist!). I got home put it altogether and hey presto! My record player had the perfect home. I store my vinyl's underneath and obvs added some planty bits to the stools step. 

I think this is a good space saving home for a record player as the 'proper' stands can be hefty and quite large. I also saved a lot of money...the stool was only £14! Barg!
Let me know what you think about this idea!

YSL Black Opium.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

For Christmas I received YSL Black Opium Eau De Parfum like the other 80% of the population...according to Instagram anyway! There has already been a million and one posts on this perfume but I still wanted to do one, just to give my opinion on the product. 

"Black Coffee – for a shot of adrenaline; White Florals – to instantly seduce; and Vanilla – for sweetness and sensuality."

The smell of this perfume reminds me of one I used to wear at school. It was a Morgan one which was about £5, ohhh the old days aha! It only reminds me of it because of the super sweet fragrance...but something about Black Opium makes you feel more luxurious and sophisticated, the scent is not too sickly either. Maybe it is the black coffee that slightly covers the super sweet smell or the vanilla that makes it feel more mature and womanly. 
A lot of people say they wear this as an evening fragrance but I deffo think its lovely to wear during the day too!
All in all I absolutely love it, it is definitely more of a 'grown up' scent for me which I love and need as I am 20 in February...whaaaat! 

Anyway, that's my short review. Have you tried YSL Black Opium?

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3...Relaxing Things.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

After the holiday madness I think we could all do with a bit of relaxation, I know I could. So today I am sharing 3 things that relax me.
A Lush bath has to be at the top of the list. Its the easiest thing to do, just add a bath bomb or crumble a bubble bar under the running tap, moisturise and chill. 
Another thing that relaxes me is reading. I cant really get into novels or any kind of deep book so I like to flick through a 'coffee table' kinda book. I got The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible for Christmas and I love it. It is a super easy read for a few minutes or so. Finally, listening to music with headphones in. Any kind of music relaxes me I either put the radio on or, as of recent, Justin Biebers new album...I'm a bloody belieber now!
What do you do to relax?