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DIY Zombie Bite.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

At the weekend my sister bought some liquid latex, fake blood and face paints for her costume on Saturday (Halloween). Of course I was the one who was expected to do it for her, but I don't mind because I like doing things like that anyway. I wanted to have a practice before the actual day and this is what I come up with. This was my first go at a 'zombie bite' so it is not prefect and I am no special effects pro.

I used:
-Liquid latex
-Cotton wool
-Purple eye shadow
-Black eye shadow
-Green face paint
-White face paint
-Fake blood
-2 old brushed
Everything was purchased from Wilkos for like a £1 each and the eye shadows and brushes are just old ones.

So, first add some white paint onto the area you want the bite to be. Then using your finger dab on the purple eye shadow, then using a tissue dab on the green paint in small patches (use a light hand). Now you have the bruise we can move onto the bite itself. Paint on a layer of latex in a wide U shape and add the cotton wool, adding more latex ontop of that. Once you have the shape add little dints on the inside where the teeth would be. Then just repeat that on the other side.

Whilst that is drying you could add some more little veins using the green and purple. When that is dry add some foundation to give it a flesh colour, then add the purple and green on top so it looks bruised like the skin around it. Next, using the black eye shadow darken up the small teeth marks. Now we can move onto the fake blood adding it heavily to the teeth marks then brushing it out into the middle. Once that is complete its just a case of adding to it with blood, eye shadow and paint...layering is key!
 I probably haven't explained it very well but you can see what I mean from the pictures, its just all about trail and error really! I hope you enjoyed this DIY. What are you being for Halloween?!

My Scary Netflix Favourites.

Monday, 26 October 2015
It saddens me to say this but my sister has deleted her Netfilx account (which I secretly used). It may be a blessing in disguise actually because I will start getting things done now aha. Anyway, with it coming up to Halloween (I am SO excited!) I thought I would share some of my scary faves from Netflix. I've only recently got into the whole scary movie thing, so these are my far!

American Horror Story is obviously going to be mentioned as it is my all time favourite programme! I have recently just finished Freak Show, it was pretty good but Coven is still my favourite I think. Its not really a 'scary' series, its more of a gruesome horror kind of thing but I still love it. I love the way they use the same cast to play different characters in different season too, although I reckon I am going to miss Jessica Lange in the new Hotel.

Onto a proper scary film. I watched Insidious with my friend a while back and it was one of those films that I didn't really want to watch but when it started I just couldn't stop. I quite enjoyed it but I know people have mixed feelings about it haha.

Carrie is the most recent one I have watched. I have actually wanted to watch this one for a while but just never got round to it. So, whilst I was at my mums we decided to watch it and I really liked it. It was pretty gory and quite sad to be honest. I really want to watch the original one now, but I do recommend the new one!

And finally I have got to throw an old school programme into the mix. I loved Goosebumps when I was younger and now I am lucky enough to have a nephew that loves it as much as I did. Its more of a kids scary programme but I still love it!
So, those are my Netflix picks, what are yours?

The Worlds Worst Blogger...

Thursday, 22 October 2015
I am probably over reacting in the title but I reckon I have been the worlds worst blogger recently (can I even call myself a blogger? I don't see myself as one, I just do this for a bit of fun and to make myself feel like I am actually achieving something with my life aha). Anyway, I have been super busy recently! I went to London, helped a friend out with a costume she had to create, it was my friends birthday, a few friends were back from uni and of course I decided to change my bedroom around again didn't I (it's still not finished PHA). So yeah, I've been a busy bee. Also, with it being Autumn now and the early nights drawing in it has been pretty difficult to get some decent light in my room to take pictures.
One thing I have been keeping up with is my Instagram! I am proper into it at the moment, I just like taking pictures of random crap I suppose. 

Oh, just one more thing...I need some new post ideas! My mind has been at a blank for the last couple of weeks so any ideas of posts you would like to see are truly welcome. Let me know what you lot have been up to recently too, I'd love to know!

How To Style House Plants.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015
Everybody is loving plants, cacti & succulents at the moment, I am not going to lie...I have kind of been obsessing over them too! I have like 16 different little species (all in individual pots) in my tiny room and I have been trying to figure out different ways to style them. I've come up with 3 simple ways and so I thought I would share!

Stack, stack & stack
Stacking plants on book, trays or anything you can get your hands on is a good way to add height and different levels, whether it is on a desk, table or shelf. I got this tree plant from Ikea for £1 and the pot for 50p. If you're looking for some cheap greenery Ikea is definitely the way forward, but I am sure everyone knows that!

Pair them up
I was getting bored of my little cacti being in individual pots so I decided to pot a few together. I added some pebbles to the bottom of the pot for drainage, added some soil and popped the cacti in, topping them up with a bit more soil. This is a good way to save some room for more cacti, yay! And they look cute together!

Hang em
I love the harnesses you can get to hang plants but they can be pretty expensive, so I 
made my own! I did a post on it ageeeees ago, I'll link it here. Again this is a good way to 
save some room. 

I think the next kind I want are the little air plants, they are really unique. If you have anymore ideas on how to style cacti and plants, let me know. I am always looking for different ways to style them in my room.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Collection.

Sunday, 4 October 2015
For the past couple of months I have been suffering from really painful spots on my chin, forehead and nose. I have zero amount of knowledge about skin types and all that jazz so my sister ended up taking me into The Body Shop and asking one of the ladies who worked there for some advice. Straight away she took me to the tea tree range, and explained the benefits of it. So, this is what I ended up purchasing.

The first thing she handed me was the Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash. She told me to simply wash my face with this morning and night. I tried it for the first time last week and my god, my face has never felt so fresh. It is hard to explain but its like your face feels really cold and clean. 

She then showed me the Tea Tree Toner, she explained how this gets rid of all traces of make up and makes the skin spotlessly clean. I used this before the facial wash and after, just to make sure everything is off.

And finally I got the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion. I add a pea sized amount and rub it into my skin, avoiding the eyes. Again this gives the cool, refreshing feeling to the skin.

She said the skin regenerated every 28 days so I reckon I will report back in a month or so to see if it really has worked! Have you ever tried The Body Shop Tea Tree range?