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Autumn Lippies.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015
I thought seen as I have done my Autumn essentials I should just do a little Autumn series(yep, that's how much I love it). So today I am going to nag on about Autumn lippies.

Of course, you've got your berry lip which is just a must have! You can get dark lipsticks everywhere now a days but I still always reach for my good old Astor shade. I have had this for sooo long now, which is a bit minging, but I cannot part with it. 
When I want something that is a bit more of a nude shade I go to my trusty Soap & Glory lippy in the shade Blush pink (matte). It is more of a purple/pinky shade but it matches my natural lip colour pretty well. Keeping on the Soap & Glory theme I also love the shade Pom Pom, which is like a darkish berry/pink. I got this a while back when Beauty Crush mentioned it in one of her videos.
 To top my Autumnal collection off I thought that I should add a brown. I don't have a clue where I got this one from as the packaging has worn but I do know that it is in the shade Fiction. It is a brown colour with purple under tones.

These are my go to lipsticks for this season, what are yours?

My Autumn Essentials.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015
Autumn is hereee! It's my favourite season ever. All of the leaves are turning orange & falling, the mornings are frosty, Halloween is close (yaaas) AND the jumpers are making an appearance once again, woo! I am not a summer gal at all, I enjoy it for a week or so then I just miss wrapping up in baggy clothes and thick blanket scarves. 
So, as Autumn will be in full swing soon enough I thought I would put together some Autumn fashion essentials.

Blanket scarves are the way to go when it's a bit chilly outside. I also think scarves are a good way to add a bit of colour into the outfit if you're more of a basic outfit gal.

The Coat
Everybody needs a good statement coat. Not just a parka that you can throw on when it's blowing gales and raining, which is 90% of the time, but a classic statement piece. This year I have gone for a trench coat kinda thing. I love the length, fit, colour, shape, basically everything about it!

It's just common sense to wear a jumper when it's cold innet? The kind with the chunky roll necks that hit just above the knees are the way forward. Or just a simple round neck if you're not into the whole 'stiff neck' look.

Mustard is going to be my favourite colour for Autumn. I bought a new mustard jumper a couple of days ago and I feel like the colour suits my skin tone (pale, ha). I know it's a love or a hate colour but it just screams Autumn, you can't deny it.

Dark Lips
Dark lips, what else is there to say? I reckon that dark lipsticks are one of the first things we reach for when Autumn comes around.

Obvs the boots will be coming out, you can't really wear sandals if it's freezing out side can ya... well you can but it's not very smart. I will always stick to a classic chelsea boot, but the docs do make an appearance now and again.

I could probably go on forever but I think I'll stop there. Let me know your Autumn must haves! Also, sorry for saying the word Autumn a lot. I said it so much that it started to sound weird and I couldn't spell it properly, haa. 

London: A Little Haul.

Sunday, 20 September 2015
This is part two of my little London series and I am going to be sharing the bits I bought whilst I was down there. 

I actually got a decent amount of things. I didn't think I'd end up coming home with a lot of stuff but it wasn't as expensive as I thought...which was kind of dangerous haha! 
At Camden I ended up getting a silver-ish skull, which I fell in love with. I got it from a little shop full of skulls and mythical creatures. The man who owned it said his friend hand makes everything. Knowing it was handmade made me love it even more.

On Friday we visited a lot of the charity shops which were ram packed with old records. I ended up leaving with a Lionel Richie vinyl because Lionel is life...and it was only £1, barg! I also nipped into the Lush, of course. I picked up a creamy candy bubble bar and a blackberry bath bomb. Finally I ordered my new granny glasses and picked them up later that evening. They are not everyone's cup of tea but I love em (plus they fit my massive head).

In London we stopped off at Liberty where I spotted this illustration book. I instantly fell in love with it. The woman who served us in there was soooo lovely too.

And finally, Brick Lane. I had to go to Rokit! I ended up getting a coat, I was pretty surprised actually because a lot of things in vintage shops are like a 90's oversized look and I don't really suit that type of fit (I like baggy clothes not oversized, there is a difference!). But the coat I dug out is a gem! 
The last purchase from my trip was a bunch of chocolate. How can you leave a trip away without picking up some chocolate?! Dark Sugars on Brick Lane is the liveliest, modern chocolate shop I have ever seen! Old school Justin Timberlake was blasting out of the doors, you could literally hear it from down the street (I wasn't complaining though). The staff were so friendly, dancing around, taking pictures with people all whilst shoving chocolates into everyone's mouth who entered the door. I must have consumed about 10 chocolates whilst I was in there. We ended up spending £12 on different chocolates, it was deffo worth it though!

So that's everything I got. I have probably forgotten about a lot of the things that I bought but these were definitely the best of the bunch. 

London: Wondering Around.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015
I am finally sitting down and writing a post after the busiest couple of weeks ever! It started off at staying in Birmingham with my brother, sister-in-law and niece for 4 days. I then got whisked away to go stay with my mum for like another 4/5 days. Luckily enough she lives pretty close to the centre of London so we did loaaaads of exploring and I wanted to share it. 
I will probably split this post into two. Maybe like one half will be a wondering around/what I did post (this one) and the other will be the bits and bobs I bought whilst I was down there.
So, starting with the exploring part! The first place we visited was Camden, my fave place ever! The little market stalls and independent shops were full of nick nacks, food, clothing, art, records, jewellery basically everything you could think of! The people who worked there and the people that were just wondering, like us, were so unique. I actually enjoyed seeing the different styles and cultures everyone had. You could spend hours just roaming around and you probably still wouldn't visit everything it has to offer.

The next day we went to the West end, I think it was anyway...if I get any of these places wrong I do apologise! I am a Northern and London just baffles me, haha! Anyway, we roamed around, visited an art gallery, went into Liberty (it was a definite must visit on my list), went into Hamley's and got a toy rat thrown at me, just don't ask. 
We also went to Covent Garden where they had this massive balloon installation, it was pretty cool.
Later that evening we drove up to St Albans to have tea in a pub which claims to be England's oldest pub. I reckon the one in my town is deffo older though!

On Friday we stayed pretty local. We just visited all of the charity shops searching for vinyl records, I picked up an absolute beaut, but you will have to wait and see which artist it is in my next post, mwhaha!
On the final day we went to Brick Lane. From being young I have always wanted to go to Brick Lane, it was the only place I wanted to visit if I ever went to London. Although I had a fab time there, and enjoyed a salt beef sandwich (you HAVE to try them if you ever get the chance), Camden was still the place I loved the most. I just seemed to fit in more and I felt like I'd been there loads of times before. Still, the graffiti in Brick Lane was amazing!

That's just a quick summary of my time in London. I could have gone on and on but I didn't want to bore any of you. I hope you enjoyed this travely post, next up will be a London haul but for now, byeeeeee.
P.S. Sorry that I didn't get to many pictures and that the ones I did get aren't very good quality. I wanted to enjoy my stay as much as possible which did involve my phone being thrown to the bottom of my bag most of the time.

What Is In My Bag.

Sunday, 13 September 2015
I have never done a 'what's in my bag' post so I thought it was about time I did. 

I try to keep as little as possible in my bag so it doesn't become too heavy, but that clearly wasn't the case today *face palms*. When I use a smaller bag, like the one I have been using recently, I like to carry a card holder and some change instead of my massive purse. Then I have the little useless bits like multiple kerby grips, a bobble, a trolley coin, a pen and of course empty chewing gum packets and receipts (probably from buying food or things I don't need). Another little thing I like to add is a perfume sample. I am forever forgetting to put perfume on so this is definitely a life saver.

Oh, and I have my glasses in there, you know to help me see lol. Then I usually have my lipstick of the day. I have been going with this browny shade more or less everyday, I just loves it. Such an autumnal colour too!

 And this is the star of the show, the bag that holds everything. I love this bag and believe it or not it was only £7 from Primark. I have really been liking Primarks Autumn/Winter collection recently. Plus autumn is my fave season...because I can eat what I want and hide it with layers, mwhahaha!

Blue Grape.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015
You know when you see an item of clothing, make up or something you reallllly like but for some reason you don't end up buying it and then you regret it? Well, this is how I felt about this nail polish. So what did I end up doing? I went out and got it didn't I (I am weak when it comes to pretty nail polish colours). I got it with my Boots points too may I add!

Anyway, I had to share this colour as it is super pretty and it is quite a unique choice for me (I tend to stick to nude shades or the occasional orange). It is the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in the shade Blue Grape. Obviously, I was drawn to the colour. It reminded me of my old primary school uniform, a dark-ish rich blue. It looks so good on my pale skin but it is one of those colours that would look amazing on any skin tone. 

Barry M will always be my go to brand for nail polishes. They have loads of colour and they are really affordable. This is possibly my favourite colour in my collection so far!
What is your fave nail polish brand/shade?