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5 Disappointing Products.

Sunday, 24 May 2015
I am always talking about how much i like all of the products i use so i thought i would have a little moan (haha!) about some products that i didn't really get along with.

Rimmel Scandaleyes 
I bought this Rimmel liner because of the felt tip concept... I thought it might have made my eyeliner look neater but i was sooo wrong. When i applied the product it dragged along my eye lid. Once i did manage to add the product it was grey and not the jet black i wanted. I left it for a few weeks and went back to it again, trying to find a way to work with it. When i went to use it again it had pretty much dried up. I don't know if i had picked up a faulty one (if that is possible?) but this product didn't work for me at all.

Revlon Colourburst
This product was a massive disappointment for me! As you will have seen in my lipstick favorites (here) the Revlon colourburst crayon (in striking spectaculaire) is my favorite red, so when i saw this i fell in love with the colour and i thought the formula would have been the same. When i applied this on my lips it was just moving around and caking up, it felt horrible! It's such a shame because i really love the colour.

Bonjour Nail Enamel
Again, like the lippy above, i had used this product in different colours before and loved the result. When i went to apply this polish it was almost clear. I applied around 4-5 coats of it, making sure each coat was dry before i added the next layer, but for some reason it went very tacky. When it did finally dry i went to bed thinking i would have woken up with fresh nails. Instead i woke up with hair imprints and chips on every nail.

I actually bought this product around the time i got the Revlon crayon, thinking that some how this would help application. When i painted a coat of this onto my lips it was pretty painful. It really tingled. Not the kind of lip plumping tingle but a sharp prickling kind. I tried using this a few more times (with different lipsticks) but not only was the prickling uncomfortable, it didn't keep my lipstick any longer.

MUA Luxe London
This is probably the biggest disappointment of all, the MUA matte lip thingy...whatever it is meant to be. I thought this was going to be like the lip lacquers you see beauty gurus applying on Instagram and YouTube! It was a lot cheaper too so i thought i was onto a winner. I went to use it and it was cloggy and sticky! There's not much more to say about it. Maybe it was the colour that affected the formula i am not too sure.

Even though these products didn't work for me they might work for other people. This is just my opinions on them!

Do you own any products that you found disappointing?

Summer Essentials 2015.

Monday, 18 May 2015
Spring is in full force now, even though we still have many days of wind and rain (that's the UK for ya!). So, i thought i would would show you the things i reach for in spring and (mainly) summer.

(This picture was taken last year and the sandals look just as new now!)

At this time of the year i like to wear sandal which are a bit more covered up, simply because it isn't extremely warm yet. The ones above were from primark last year, they are still going strong! Next is a good pair of sunnies. I usually just get a cheap pair but this year i wanted something a bit more expensive looking so i went for some Asos ones, i look a bit like John Lennon in them but i like them so who cares!

In spring and summer i always find the time to read. Relaxing in the garden with a book in one hand a cold drink in the other is one of the things i love to do. Currently i am reading paper towns By John Green (Just to see what all the hype is about).

 Moisturizing is a big thing for me in the warmer months. My skin tends to get a bit sun burnt leading to flaky skin, usually on my nose (It looks nasty!). For this i use the Garnier matte moisture. I also reach for a tinted moisturizer for if the tan isn't doing so well. I have a post on it here. I also like to carry a lip balm around with me for if my lips get dry, i am using the Maybelline baby lips one at the moment in pink punch.
As for scents, Marc Jacobs have the best floral fragrances. I am loving the honey perfume, it is floral with a honey tone to it but it does smell very sophisticated. 
And as for nails the only colour i will reach for is Barry M's bright orange! I think it complements a tan and is one of my fave colours.

Finally, i always have a fat cat near by who loves posing and sunbathing!

Asos Wish List: Festival Edition.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015
I was browsing on the Asos website (like usual) and i noticed that they had a lot of festival/boho inspired pieces. This is the style of clothing i reach for in spring/summer because of all of the chilled, relaxed and baggy clothing. Sadly, i am not going to any festivals this year but i thought i would create some boho/festival inspired looks. A few of the items are from the tall range (i am like 5'10 and jeans and dresses tend to be a tad short for me from the normal range) but i am sure you will be able to get them from the other size ranges.

JEANS - Asos TALL Ridley High Waist Skinny Jeans In Wyona Wash With Ripped Knee (£32)
TOP - Asos TALL Off Shoulder Top in Horizontal Stripe (£20)
SANDALS - Asos Funnel Web Leather Gladiator Tie Leg Sandals (£22)
CROWN - Rock 'N Rose Martha Floral Hair Crown (£38)
BAG - Asos Mini Suede Festival Fringed Backpack (£35)
TATTOO - Paperself Rosy & Daisy Bracelet Tattoos (£6) 
Look one is something i would wear during the day. Its the kind of outfit i'd wear if it wasn't so warm but it was still a pleasant day. I am not the biggest fan of getting my legs out so in summer. I do tend to stick to trousers, jeans, midi skirts but i will push to a dress if it is realllllly hot. The off the shoulder top gives this outfit a really feminine look along with the floral crown and flower tattoo. I think the blue floral tattoo is a good alternative to the foil ones everyone wears to festivals. I also got a really lovely necklace (here) and i think the different shade of the blue in the stone would go really well with this look.

DRESS - Asos TALL Off Shoulder Swing Dress in Paisley Print (£28)
HAT - Catarzi Wide Brim Fedora in Camel (£35)
BOOTS - Asos Reema Pointed Chelsea Leather Ankle Boots (£45)
SOCKS - Asos Over The Knee Socks (£5)
NECKLACE - Asos Pyramid Choker And Multirow Charm Necklace (£15)
TATTOO - Orelia Chain Temporary Metallic Tattoos (£8)
Look two is the kind of look i love but i am not too sure if i could get away with it because of the leg situation. Anyway i really love the off the shoulder thing (as you can tell), i have been seeing it everywhere! I have been on the hunt for a fedora hat and found this beautiful Catarzi one but sadly it is kinda pricey. And finally a true festival look would not be complete without a ton of jewellery and foil tattoos.

My Work Space - Inspired By 'WeWork'.

Friday, 8 May 2015
Recently, i discovered a company called 'WeWork' and i thought i would create a post inspired by them. 'WeWork' are a co-working company that provides shared office spaces for many different companies. This would be ideal for small companies wanting to upgrade to an office! 
So, based on this i thought i would share my work spaces with you. 
I have two places that i work at which are both in my bedroom. The main place i work when blogging is my desk.

My dad actually made my desk from a potting table and a mirror. It isn't the most elegant looking thing but it does the job. I then painted it white to brighten everything up and to also make the room feel bigger (the painted wood is a good background for blog photos too!). Underneath my desk i have two Ikea boxes. One contains beauty things and the other holds materials and bits i use for blogging. I also have my little hammy, called Bruce, next to my desk which is kinda distracting at times.

When i work at my desk i usually have a cup of coffee to keep me alert and some sort of snack to nibble on. As for decor, i love having plants on my desk. I think they look really pretty against the white and i love all of the different varieties of plants and cactus you can get. I'd say the colour scheme of my desk space is mainly white with hints of green, black and pastel pink. These colours together makes it appear clean and makes my work space feel fresh. As well as my desk i do work on my bed.

I pile all of my pillows into the corner of my bed, grab my laptop, ipad and phone and just check my social media and blog. I don't usually write blog posts here i just check the comments and sneakily check the Asos website, mwhaha!
Although i am pleased with the work spaces i have i do still envy the people who have  amazing offices with large windows, plenty of light and amazing decor...but who doesn't?!

These are the desks/offices that have inspired my work space, mainly the colour schemes of them. Most of these look like rooms of their own, not shoved into the corner of a tiny bedroom. My dream is to have my own little office one day, whether it will be in my own apartment (when i move out) or in an office building...that's the goal anyway!
I am glad i discovered 'WeWork' not only because they inspired me to do this post (i have been wanting to create more interior/decor related content) but, because i think it's important to give companies, big and small, an inspiring and comfortable place to work.

My Favorite Gold Jewellery Pieces.

Monday, 4 May 2015
A few posts back now i wrote about my favorite silver jewellery (here) so naturally i thought i would share my favorite gold items.

First is my gold Casio watch which i got for my 18th birthday from my sister. I love Casio's, as you know from my other jewellery post. They are easy to wear and give a retro look. The only other thing i wear on my wrist is my Alexander McQueen razor bracelet. Again i got this for my 18th birthday after begging for it for months. I love it but i don't wear it as much as i'd like to because i am too scared of it getting ruined.

I have two main necklaces, a delicate one and a slightly chunkier one. I don't own a lot of gold jewellery so i always reach for these two. One for a simple look and the other to add a dresser look to an outfit. The feather one was only £1 from Primark and the larger one was £3.50 in the Topshop sale.
The same applies for earrings and rings. I have one pair of gold earrings and one gold ring. The earrings are actually pretty old, i've had them since i was a kid. As for the ring, it has a lot of sentimental value as my mum gave it to me. 

As you can see i do not own a lot of gold jewellery, i am more of a silver gal...but these items are my fave out of the small lot i have.