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Monday, 24 August 2015
Hey hey! So after a while of feeling uninspired and bored of my blog I gave myself a kick up the bum and decided to do something about it. Most of my posts you may have seen had been pre-written ageeees ago. Even though I didn't think they were very good I decided to post them anyway, I had nothing to lose did I?! Now they are all live I decided that I didn't want to carry on feeling like I had to post content and that it had to fit into a certain 'category' of blogging. So this is just a quick post to get it off my chest and to start a fresh! 

As I said, I felt like I had to post content which I had to create and deliver in a certain way and because of this I wasn't putting my personality into my content. But now I am just going to put 100% into everything, posting what I want when I want.
Whilst I had a bit of spare time I rekindled my love for art and discovered the world of hand lettering. I post a few bits and bats on my Insta and I am also selling some watercolour design notebooks on my Depop (@poppyykayy).

I also want some new blogs to follow and want to get to know more people in the blogging world. So leave your blog in the comments then I can check it out!

 I have loads of new ideas and I cant wait to get stuck in! 

Denim Jacket - Before & After.

Saturday, 15 August 2015
When I was sorting through my clothes the other day I came across a denim jacket that I had purchased from Asos a while ago. I had never really worn it and I couldn't remember why. So I tried it on and I loved the fit but the light denim did not suit me at all. So, I did some mooching online and decided to dye it into a darker shade of denim. I loved the results and of course I wanted to share!

So this was the jacket before. It is a very light shade and although I do like it, it doesn't really suit me. I also wanted to make the jacket more winter appropriate.

I purchased the Dylon wash & dye jeans blue (£5.04) and just followed the instructions on the back. Just to make sure I was doing it correctly. I watched a few videos on YouTube too!

And like magic I was left with a dark blue/navy denim jacket! 

Once the jacket was dry it was super stiffy and crispy so I just scrunched it up to soften it. I will probably end up adding some rips too.

The process was super easy and quick. Plus it was a lot cheaper than buying a new jacket.

Just a quick add on to this post, I made some watercolour sketchbooks a few weeks ago and I cant find a use for all of them. So, I thought I would sell the rest on my Depop account. My username is @poppyykayy. It's UK shipping only at the moment, I'd really appreciate it if you checked them out!

How To Make Your Bedroom Cosy At Night.

Saturday, 8 August 2015
As you would have seen by now my bedroom is pretty minimalistic. I try and keep everything looking clean and fresh with small pops of colour dotted around. I love the simple look but I also love a cosy bedroom, especially at night time. It's pretty hard to achieve this as when your bedroom is completely white and minimal it can sometimes look a bit empty and cold at night. So I thought I show you how I get the best of both worlds!

Close The Curtains.
This sounds like the simplest of things but closing the curtains does make my bedroom feel 100% more cosy. During the day time when they would be open it feels like you're letting the world in, you can hear sounds, see things and the last bit of sunlight beams in. So by shutting them its like you're boxing yourself into your own little place. 

When the curtains are closed its obviously going to be darker and I cant relax when I have my big light on so I like the have a lamp or my fairy lights on. I also like to light some candles, I think the ones that smell of cinnamon are the cosiest ones to have!

Cushions And Blankets.
I love piling my cushions up into the corner of my bed and sitting in them with my blankets over me, whilst watching Netflixs...obvs. Again its all about creating your own little space to chill.

Clutter Yourself.
By clutter yourself I mean have everything you need around you. I make sure i have my TV remote, a drink, a few magazines, my IPad, my phone, my laptop and probably a bar of chocolate which i will most likely eat by myself and feel guilty afterwards...come on, we've all done it!

Finally I just throw on my fluffy rabbit onesie on from Next and put a film on or scroll through Tumblr. Just do anything that relaxes you and make you feel super cosy! That's basically how I transform my room from simple during the day to cosy at night time!

3 Bath Time Favourites!

Saturday, 1 August 2015
I wanted to share a few items that I have been loving recently but it wasn't enough for a monthly favourites sooooo, I thought I would just throw them together to form a bath time favourites.

A must have for a relaxing bath has to be a Lush bath bomb, melt, bubble bar or whatever else there is! The product I have been loving the most is the lush Comforter Bubble Bar...I think that's what its called anyway. I crumble a tiny amount under the running tap and pink bubbly water appears straight away. Oh, and the smell! It is super fruity and really relaxing, especially just before bed.
I usually give my hair a quick wash before I hop into the bath and then I move onto using a conditioning hair mask. I have been using the Lee Stafford treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length (what is it with products having super long names recently?!). I was half and half when buying this product as I don't usually purchase products that supposedly 'makes your hair grow'...I mean that's a pretty big promise right? Anyway I gave it a go and even though I cant see any length difference (its been a good month and half) it does make my hair feel super smooth and silky but still easy to work with.
Once I have my hair mask on I go onto scrub myself with the Original Source coconut shower gel. I never used to like coconut scents but ever since giving a coconut candle a try I became hooked! This shower gel smells just like the candle I bought and I am loving it! I think the fragrance is so relaxing, it makes me want to go on holiday and lay on a sandy beach under the boiling hot sunshine.
Anyway, those are my 3 favourites to use when taking a relaxing bath. What are yours?