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Summer Essentials 2015.

Monday, 18 May 2015
Spring is in full force now, even though we still have many days of wind and rain (that's the UK for ya!). So, i thought i would would show you the things i reach for in spring and (mainly) summer.

(This picture was taken last year and the sandals look just as new now!)

At this time of the year i like to wear sandal which are a bit more covered up, simply because it isn't extremely warm yet. The ones above were from primark last year, they are still going strong! Next is a good pair of sunnies. I usually just get a cheap pair but this year i wanted something a bit more expensive looking so i went for some Asos ones, i look a bit like John Lennon in them but i like them so who cares!

In spring and summer i always find the time to read. Relaxing in the garden with a book in one hand a cold drink in the other is one of the things i love to do. Currently i am reading paper towns By John Green (Just to see what all the hype is about).

 Moisturizing is a big thing for me in the warmer months. My skin tends to get a bit sun burnt leading to flaky skin, usually on my nose (It looks nasty!). For this i use the Garnier matte moisture. I also reach for a tinted moisturizer for if the tan isn't doing so well. I have a post on it here. I also like to carry a lip balm around with me for if my lips get dry, i am using the Maybelline baby lips one at the moment in pink punch.
As for scents, Marc Jacobs have the best floral fragrances. I am loving the honey perfume, it is floral with a honey tone to it but it does smell very sophisticated. 
And as for nails the only colour i will reach for is Barry M's bright orange! I think it complements a tan and is one of my fave colours.

Finally, i always have a fat cat near by who loves posing and sunbathing!
8 comments on "Summer Essentials 2015."
  1. I adore this post, Poppy! Your cat is too cute, and what pretty sandals!
    As for Paper Towns... I thought it was alright, but I prefer John Green's other novels.

    - abby // laceandlilacs

    1. Thanks Abby :) I have heard mixed reviews on papers towns I am not too sure what to think yet but you could be right!xo

  2. Love your picks! I just posted about my summer essentials and completely forgot to include a book - Silly me!

    I think this summer's must-read for me would have to be Highsmith's 'The Price of Salt'. The film adaptation just premiered at Cannes and the reviews were amazing, so I definitely want to read the book again before it is released to the general public, in the autumn.

    - Elodie x

    1. It sounds good, might give that a read! :)

  3. paper towns is my fave by him, hope you're liking it!

    danielle | avec danielle