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Saatchi Gallery - London.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

On Wednesday (3rd) I went down to London to stay with my mum for the week until Sunday (7th), my birthday! Whilst I was down there I was going to do the usual, write about the places I've been and throw in a couple of (probably crappy) photos. I realised that I didn't want to do that this time, so I put together a little series of 3 (most likely crappy) videos about 3 of my favourite places we visited. This was actually the second video I created but I wanted to show this first. So, here it is... The Saatchi Gallery.

Excuse the quality, I filmed it all on my little IPhone. I don't have the best equipment just yet aha. Let me know what you think!
4 comments on "Saatchi Gallery - London."
  1. This looks amazing! xo

  2. Really like the video ^_^ I was at the Saatchi Gallery on the 9th Feb. I absolutely love it there x