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Desk Decor.

Sunday, 22 March 2015
My desk is either a work space or a dressing table so, recently i have had a move around to make it more practical. I also bought some bargains along the way.

Right hand corner of my desk.
Left hand corner.
Fairy lights at the top of my desk mirror.
Plants - I have a few plants in my bedroom now and they really make my room feel more homely, i am also liking the colour green at the minute! The two small ones are from Ikea (Pack of 3 around £4.50) and the larger one is from Homebase (£5).

Candles - I like to have candles burning if i am at my desk in the evening to give off some relaxing light. I have two on my desk, the grey one is from Ikea and was only 95p! The large white candle (you can only see a fraction of it on the first picture, sorry!) was £4 and it burns for 120 hours. I thought this was a bargain as it is a lot bigger than the Yankee ones and a whole lot cheaper.

Fairy Lights - Fairy lights are a good alternative to candles if your not into that kind of thing. I choose have both because i love them equally as much. My fairy lights where from B&M's for £4.

Charity Shop Finds - The small pot that has my jewellery in it was a 50p find from one of my local charity shops. You can find some real bargains at charity shops if you dig deep enough.

Art Work - I got my little easel from The Pound Shop with a small canvas. You could use the canvas to paint on but i just used some card. If you didn't want to draw or create any art work yourself they sell postcard prints at Paperchase starting from about 60p.

For my make-up and hair essentials i store them under my desk in boxes from Ikea, they were around £2.50 each.
That is everything so far but i am sure my desk space will grow over time!
10 comments on "Desk Decor."
  1. You have such a cute desk space. I love the easel and yes postcard!!
    Emma Xx

  2. Love this, your desk is adorable! The colour scheme is lovely :)

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

  3. Wonderful workspace, love it!!


  4. This is an adorable way to arrange your desk! It screams pinterest! xx

    1. Haha I have just started using pintrest! xx

  5. i love how you've decorated with all of the plants and books! such a cute idea x

    Natalie / Salt & Sail