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DIY Plant Hanger.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015
I love the plant hangers which seem to be everywhere at the moment so i thought i would have a go at making one myself.

I used:
- Leather
- Ribbon
- Pen
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Stapler
And of course the plant that you want to hang.

It was so simple all i did was cut two thin strips of leather about 45cm long (cut them however low you want the plant to hang) then lay them over each other like a plus sign. 
Once i got my shape i stapled the strips in the center where they met, making sure they were still overlapping each other. 
I then just put my plant on top of the leather strips, brought them all up together so they met at the top and tied the ribbon around them very tightly. I then finished off with making a loop out of the ribbon so i was able to hang it. Here is the outcome...

I hung mine from my shelf underneath my TV with a drawing pin and it is still holding on strong!

4 comments on "DIY Plant Hanger."
  1. This is such a great DIY, It looks so cool!
    Hope you've had a great Thursday,
    Bethany x

    Do pop over to my blog, if you fancy of course, and tell me what you think!

    1. Thanks! Lovely blog by the way! x

  2. This is such a cool idea!!x