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Doubts About Blogging.

Friday, 12 June 2015
I was reading a blog post about lack of motivation a few weeks back now and it kinda linked into a blog post i had been thinking of writing for a while...doubts about blogging. 

Being Shy
Anyone who knows me will know i am such a shy person. I have got better since working and college but i am still pretty guarded. I try my hardest to push my self out of my comfort zone. Like a year ago i wouldn't have had the courage to make a blog... I was even to shy to post on Instagram. I don't really know what it was but one day i just thought eff it! I used to think that people would make fun of me for doing something like this but to be honest nobody cares aha. I think the only person I know who reads my blog is my mum aha! 

Staying On Track
I have been pretty rubbish with this at the minute. Things have just caught up with me and i literally have no time! I have come to realize this isn't a bad thing though. Sometimes you need to have time away from a hobby to get back on track with other things and to get the creative juices flowing again (that sounds pretty gross...doesn't it).

This is one thing i get really aggravated with, the quality of my blog. I get annoyed with my layout, my pictures, my content and most of the written part of blogging. I am rubbish when it comes to spelling, grammar and everything else involved. I always have to re-write my post because I use slang without even realizing. Anyway, lets just say it is not my strong point... but who cares?! If it makes some sort of sense i am sure people will get the gist of things.

I know people always say 'money isn't everything' but to be honest it does help. At the minute i cannot afford a decent camera. I am currently using a Nikon Coolpix L820 which isn't a bad camera at all but i would much prefer a Cannon. Maybe one day i will get one but for now I'll just have to work with what I already have.

Comparing Yourself
I do this allllllll the time. I always compare myself to bloggers which have been around for years who have turned blogging into their career. I try to remember they started from nothing with blogging at their hobby like me. Maybe this will go further one day, who knows.

Put Yourself Out There
ERGH! I am rubbish at this! I post on Instagram and comment on some blog but apart from that i don't really put myself out there. This kinda links in with being shy I guess. I just feel like a pest talking about my blog. I suppose if i want my blog to be seen i have to let everyone know about it. I still struggle with 'advertising' my blog so any tips will be welcomed with open arms!

Even though I could probably think of a hundred more things on top of these, I won't nag on any longer!
8 comments on "Doubts About Blogging."
  1. Think everyone battles with the quality of their blog, but its often not half as bad as you're thinking!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Hi Poppy! I really enjoy reading your blog and I can 100% relate to this post!

  3. I'm the same with the quality and comparing. I've been at this for a while now and I think all of us are guilty of comparing ourselves to others at some point! xx

    1. Suppose it isn't always a bad thing, it makes me work harder ahaha xx

  4. I have just started blogging but I can relate to most of these points. I've already deleted several posts because I thought they were not 'good enough'. But I guess confidence comes with practice and feedback, good or bad. I really like your blog.

    Soléna x

    1. Aw no you shouldn't have deleted them! I bet they were amazing! Just remember that no ones blog starts off perfect, you learn things along the way :)