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How To Make Your Bedroom Cosy At Night.

Saturday, 8 August 2015
As you would have seen by now my bedroom is pretty minimalistic. I try and keep everything looking clean and fresh with small pops of colour dotted around. I love the simple look but I also love a cosy bedroom, especially at night time. It's pretty hard to achieve this as when your bedroom is completely white and minimal it can sometimes look a bit empty and cold at night. So I thought I show you how I get the best of both worlds!

Close The Curtains.
This sounds like the simplest of things but closing the curtains does make my bedroom feel 100% more cosy. During the day time when they would be open it feels like you're letting the world in, you can hear sounds, see things and the last bit of sunlight beams in. So by shutting them its like you're boxing yourself into your own little place. 

When the curtains are closed its obviously going to be darker and I cant relax when I have my big light on so I like the have a lamp or my fairy lights on. I also like to light some candles, I think the ones that smell of cinnamon are the cosiest ones to have!

Cushions And Blankets.
I love piling my cushions up into the corner of my bed and sitting in them with my blankets over me, whilst watching Netflixs...obvs. Again its all about creating your own little space to chill.

Clutter Yourself.
By clutter yourself I mean have everything you need around you. I make sure i have my TV remote, a drink, a few magazines, my IPad, my phone, my laptop and probably a bar of chocolate which i will most likely eat by myself and feel guilty afterwards...come on, we've all done it!

Finally I just throw on my fluffy rabbit onesie on from Next and put a film on or scroll through Tumblr. Just do anything that relaxes you and make you feel super cosy! That's basically how I transform my room from simple during the day to cosy at night time!
16 comments on "How To Make Your Bedroom Cosy At Night."
  1. i just love cosy nights at home and a soft blanket and fairy lights just make it so lovely.

  2. This looks SO cosy!!! I love having fairylights in my room. They definitely amp up the warmth in an all-white room! :) love your collection of pillows as well!! Comfyyy xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yep, I totally agree! And I do love my cushions haha! x

  3. Amazing post,really love it :)
    Keep in touch
    xoxo Antonella

  4. Your room is so cute :) I love closing my blinds and switching on my fairy lights - it makes my room so girly and cosy!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

    1. Me too, I have fairy lights everywhere!

  5. Blankets, blankets, BLANKETS! YES! I love cosying up under a blanked watching a film. It reminds me of being little for some reason and it makes me feel so much more relaxed.

    I like the fairy lights on your bed. I had fluffy ones, but they broke somehow :( I'll have to see about getting some more.

    I agree with you about closing the curtains. I went through a phase of keeping my curtains closed all through the day, but that actually just gets depressing after a while :')
    But I much prefer winter, with the earlier nights, so you can close your curtains up and feel all cosy :P

    Hayley x |*|

    1. I prefer Winter too! and Autumn...I love layering up and being all cosy! :)