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My Autumn Essentials.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015
Autumn is hereee! It's my favourite season ever. All of the leaves are turning orange & falling, the mornings are frosty, Halloween is close (yaaas) AND the jumpers are making an appearance once again, woo! I am not a summer gal at all, I enjoy it for a week or so then I just miss wrapping up in baggy clothes and thick blanket scarves. 
So, as Autumn will be in full swing soon enough I thought I would put together some Autumn fashion essentials.

Blanket scarves are the way to go when it's a bit chilly outside. I also think scarves are a good way to add a bit of colour into the outfit if you're more of a basic outfit gal.

The Coat
Everybody needs a good statement coat. Not just a parka that you can throw on when it's blowing gales and raining, which is 90% of the time, but a classic statement piece. This year I have gone for a trench coat kinda thing. I love the length, fit, colour, shape, basically everything about it!

It's just common sense to wear a jumper when it's cold innet? The kind with the chunky roll necks that hit just above the knees are the way forward. Or just a simple round neck if you're not into the whole 'stiff neck' look.

Mustard is going to be my favourite colour for Autumn. I bought a new mustard jumper a couple of days ago and I feel like the colour suits my skin tone (pale, ha). I know it's a love or a hate colour but it just screams Autumn, you can't deny it.

Dark Lips
Dark lips, what else is there to say? I reckon that dark lipsticks are one of the first things we reach for when Autumn comes around.

Obvs the boots will be coming out, you can't really wear sandals if it's freezing out side can ya... well you can but it's not very smart. I will always stick to a classic chelsea boot, but the docs do make an appearance now and again.

I could probably go on forever but I think I'll stop there. Let me know your Autumn must haves! Also, sorry for saying the word Autumn a lot. I said it so much that it started to sound weird and I couldn't spell it properly, haa. 
9 comments on "My Autumn Essentials."
  1. i think cosy scarfs and berry lips have to be my favorite things in autumn.

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  3. I think mustard will be one of my favourite colours this Autumn too and dark lips of course, any excuse! Love your blog :) x
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  4. I LOVE the mustard colour! I've never tried it on myself before, but next time I'm going shopping, I will try! Love the boots too :)

    1. I'd never really worn it before but I love it!

  5. Scarves are a must have for sure. I have so many, but I always stick to my favourite x