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The Worlds Worst Blogger...

Thursday, 22 October 2015
I am probably over reacting in the title but I reckon I have been the worlds worst blogger recently (can I even call myself a blogger? I don't see myself as one, I just do this for a bit of fun and to make myself feel like I am actually achieving something with my life aha). Anyway, I have been super busy recently! I went to London, helped a friend out with a costume she had to create, it was my friends birthday, a few friends were back from uni and of course I decided to change my bedroom around again didn't I (it's still not finished PHA). So yeah, I've been a busy bee. Also, with it being Autumn now and the early nights drawing in it has been pretty difficult to get some decent light in my room to take pictures.
One thing I have been keeping up with is my Instagram! I am proper into it at the moment, I just like taking pictures of random crap I suppose. 

Oh, just one more thing...I need some new post ideas! My mind has been at a blank for the last couple of weeks so any ideas of posts you would like to see are truly welcome. Let me know what you lot have been up to recently too, I'd love to know!
4 comments on "The Worlds Worst Blogger..."
  1. I love your cooking posts Poppy! Also maybe you could do a what's in my makeupbag/handbag?
    Hope this helps
    -Morgs x

    1. I think I'll do a what's in my make up bag! Thanks for the idea!x