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DIY Zombie Bite.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

At the weekend my sister bought some liquid latex, fake blood and face paints for her costume on Saturday (Halloween). Of course I was the one who was expected to do it for her, but I don't mind because I like doing things like that anyway. I wanted to have a practice before the actual day and this is what I come up with. This was my first go at a 'zombie bite' so it is not prefect and I am no special effects pro.

I used:
-Liquid latex
-Cotton wool
-Purple eye shadow
-Black eye shadow
-Green face paint
-White face paint
-Fake blood
-2 old brushed
Everything was purchased from Wilkos for like a £1 each and the eye shadows and brushes are just old ones.

So, first add some white paint onto the area you want the bite to be. Then using your finger dab on the purple eye shadow, then using a tissue dab on the green paint in small patches (use a light hand). Now you have the bruise we can move onto the bite itself. Paint on a layer of latex in a wide U shape and add the cotton wool, adding more latex ontop of that. Once you have the shape add little dints on the inside where the teeth would be. Then just repeat that on the other side.

Whilst that is drying you could add some more little veins using the green and purple. When that is dry add some foundation to give it a flesh colour, then add the purple and green on top so it looks bruised like the skin around it. Next, using the black eye shadow darken up the small teeth marks. Now we can move onto the fake blood adding it heavily to the teeth marks then brushing it out into the middle. Once that is complete its just a case of adding to it with blood, eye shadow and paint...layering is key!
 I probably haven't explained it very well but you can see what I mean from the pictures, its just all about trail and error really! I hope you enjoyed this DIY. What are you being for Halloween?!
8 comments on "DIY Zombie Bite."
  1. Seriously!! Love Love!! I've watched Walking Dead from the beginning and have always been obsessed with zombies!! What a great job! It looks real!!! =)

    Melanie | Toots & Dill

    1. I love walking dead, I really need to catch up though :( and thank you!

  2. This was really good for your first attempt, looks awesome!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. I love sfx! My friend did me a similar thing, but we actually layered tiny pieces of tissue onto my face with liquid latex, then we cut the tissue in the middle and filled it with fake blood and black to make a deep looking wound. Halloween was so much fun and yours looks great poppy!
    -Morgs x

    1. Ey that's a good idea, I didn't even think of that haha! Glad you had a good Halloween :) x

  4. this is disgusting in a really really great way! looks amazing haha

    Hannah at HNNHVNBLS