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Sunflowers, Nobody's Child & Insta.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Currently sat here munching on an apple (pink lady, obvs) wondering what the heck to write. I feel inspired photography wise, but I haven't got a clue what to waffle on about. It's the worst thing ever!! Well, not ever but 'blogger' wise it is. So yeah, who knows what this post is going to be about. 

I know, lets talk about some things I have been loving recently... Like sunflowers. I didn't realise how cheap they were! I got mine from Asda for like £3 and they lasted ages. I also love gypsophila too, they are so delicate and also really cheap. I hate paying loads for flowers, just because they die so quickly. Well, they usually do from the supermarkets anyway. Wow, this is fab content Poppy, haha! What else have I been loving? Oh, so I found this clothing website called Nobody's Child. You may have heard of them before but I only discovered them a few weeks ago. I purchased some trousers from them and they fit me perfectly. I usually struggle with trousers/bottoms because of my height and body shape but these fit like a glove. They are a tiny bit shorter on me than on the model but I don't mind that, they kind of look better that way I think. That might be an idea, I could do a post on 'How To Find The Perfect Trousers'. That's one to put in the blog post memory bank. They have a cute Instagram feed too. Talking about Insta, I am loving my feed at the minute. My style has changed, againnnnnn. I go for a lot more richer colours, like the touches of yellow and gold you can see on my feed at the mo. I am also loving shadows, there is a post about that here. At one point if an image of mine had any shadows in it, it wouldn't make it on my page. Now, I wait till the sun is setting to take my photographs. The lighting hits my desk perfectly and causes the most beautiful shadows.

So yeah, thats what I am loving at the minute. Flowers, clothes and Insta. Nothing has changed haha!

What are you loving?

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2 comments on "Sunflowers, Nobody's Child & Insta."
  1. Sunflowers are my favourites ones! I think they are so simple yet beautiful.

    1. I know right! The colour is beautiful!x