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Currently Loving: Culotte/Wide Leg Jumpsuits.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

I am currently loving culotte jumpsuits. I find them really comfortable, easy to throw on and flattering on my body which are my musts for a Summer outfit.

The first culottes jumpsuit is from New Look. I got this a few weeks back, but its still available here (was £22, now £13!!). I first saw this on their Instagram and instantly fell in love with the wide leg and dark floral. I've not figured out what kind of shoes I'd wear with it yet, so if you have any suggestions please let me know!

The second pair are from Primark. I was actually really surprised to find something like this in Primark, I love the stuff they have in at the mo! Anyways, this was just £15 and although I look like a human cactus/gardener in it I am going to be wearing it a lot this Summer.

Do you like the culottes trend?
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7 comments on "Currently Loving: Culotte/Wide Leg Jumpsuits."
  1. Love this flowers culotte jumpsuits and the sandales <3 J'adore ce style décontracte vous le porter super bien ;)

    Sarah xx
    have a nice day ! Sorry for my english I'am French ^^

  2. i haven't tried any culottes but i think they look so cute and seem to be perfect for the summer. i have to get myself some.

  3. As always great post

  4. As always great post