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Summer Essentials: Fashion.

Monday, 23 May 2016

So its Summer essentials time again! This time I thought I would separate this post in to 3 categories; fashion, beauty & food. So, to kick it off I thought I would share my fashion must haves! 

The first being, white tops. In summer I live in white tops! I swap my thick, woollen knits for cool white basics. I recently picked this flared sleeved top from Next. I hadn't been into Next for agesss but I popped in recently and found this gem for just £22, bargain!

Another love are Birkenstocks. I had the cheapy ones from Primark last year and I lived in them! So, I thought that I would invest in some proper ones this year. I picked up these ones from TK Maxx for £30 (well, I had a £15 gift card too so technically I got them for £15!!).

And finally... sunnies. I have a decent collection of glasses now (you can see a few of them in my old sunglasses collection) but these have to be my favourites. I got them from a vintage shop in London for just a fiver. They fit my face really well and the shape is super flattering.

What are your summer go to's?
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8 comments on "Summer Essentials: Fashion."
  1. You always manage to write a great blog

  2. That white top looks gorgeeee, I'm a sucker for a flared sleeve at the moment!

    Jess, hi xo

  3. Hia! I really love your blog and have tagged you in the Liebster award that goes up on my post tomorrow. There’s a bunch of questions that I’d love you to answer and I just wanted to let you know how fab I think you blog is. The post goes up tomorrow at 3:00pm over at Lydia Eve x

    1. Aw! Thanks for tagging me, lovely! I'll check it out x