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My Faux-chella! Inspired By TickPick.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Today I am back with a festival inspired post... Lets call it Faux-chella. Its basically a fake (sadly, haha) festival with my ideal line up of bands and artists! This poster was created by TickPick, a great company that allows you to buy, sell and bid on concert tickets. A pretty handy website when you come to think of it. They offer a wide variety from concerts, to music festivals and they even have NFL tickets for all of you sporty guys and gals. The season is coming so snap up your tickets! 

So, onto the Faux-chella! My line up is pretty unique I guess... I haven't gone with a theme or anything. I have literally just gone with bands and artists that I am loving at the minute. 

The first has got to be The xx. I could listen to these forever! I mentioned a song of theirs in my 3...Songs post. I love their old stuff the best, its just so relaxing. 

I love every song Coldplay have ever released. Again, I find them pretty relaxing to listen to but I love their more up beat sounds too. Errrrbody loves a bit of Coldplay.

The 1975 would fit in great in a festival atmosphere. I'd love to see these live one day, maybe at a festival ey ;)

I'd slow things down a bit with Adele. I know she isn't the typical festival entertainment but I do think it would be magical! I love her new song Send My Love as it is a bit more unusual for her, but its amazing!
I enjoy The Weeknds older stuff a little more than the new music he has been releasing, so I would deffo get him to play that. After all it is my music festival, right? Haha! Anyway, listen to this... This is the stuff I like of his.

These two. I wish they'd just get married and have babies already! I'd get Drake & Rihanna to preform together because they are just heavenly. Their new albums are pretty good too!

So, let me know what your prefect line up would be!? And don't forget to check out TickPick for all of your ticket needs!
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4 comments on "My Faux-chella! Inspired By TickPick."
  1. OMG YES! I would attend this festival in a heartbeat. The 1975 is my current FAVE. (and i just adore matty healy <3)

  2. Great blog good choices