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Summer Essentials: Beauty.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

My Summer beauty essentials, well they never really change to be honest. My first love is a good moisuriser. You probably know that I have been loving Aveeno lotion recently (I even did a whole post on it here). Its super moisturising and great to use on sunburn!

Now on to the make-up. I dug out this Sleek blush (Lifes a peach) that I loved last year, and now I remember why. The orangey colour mixed with a lightly bronzed face is a match made in heaven. The blush is so pigmented, you only need a swift swipe (try saying that ten times fast, haha!) and you're good to go.

This may sound odd, but in summer I just love having a cool bath. In the warmer months I tend to reach for orangey, zesty fragrances and this Lush bubble bar called Bright side is the perfect match. Does any one else enjoy cool baths in summer or is that just me? Hahaha!

Those are my summer essentials, what are yours?
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12 comments on "Summer Essentials: Beauty. "
  1. Love that bath bomb! Its amazing!! x

  2. Lovely products dear, thanks for sharing!

    Faye .x

  3. Sleek blushes are amazing, especially for the price, they are so pigmented and that colour looks beautiful, I have been looking for a more orangey tone blush! Moisturisers are a must for the summer as my skin dries out, especially if I am hoping to get a tan!

    1. I have a sleek blusher in a dark burgundy colour and it is sooo pigmented, its amazing!

  4. Lovely post!! The sleek blush looks soo amazing and pretty! <3

    Amelia |