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Etsy Vs Depop & New Plant Hangers!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

You would have seen a post I published a few weeks/months(?) ago about some plant hangers I had made and decided to sell (the post is here if you wanna have a read). Well, I decided to create some more hangers, this time with a different theme. I got the first bit of inspo from a Mitchalks vlog (this one). They went to Iceland and got a shot of a waterfall. It was the prettiest of things to watch and I really liked the colour combo. I then went onto researching water, waterfall, the sea etc and I came across this photo. It basically just went from there and this was the outcome. I have only made one 'regular' hanger and a two tear hanger. This could hold two small pots or are plants. It up to you how you style them!

As well as the 'Ocean' range I created two hand painted pieces. On one side of the plant hanger tray is an open eye and on the bottom there are little eyelashes. These hangers are the same length and width as the original plants hangers. I have started some more hand painted designs, I'll post them soon!

Now I've spoken about the new hangers I wanted to have a little chat about Etsy and Depop. When I decided that I wanted to sell these hangers I wasn't 100% sure on how to do it. So I set up my Etsy shop and uploaded the products on to Depop too. To my shock I had more of a reaction on Depop, I sold 3 hangers! I've now decided that instead of keeping items in both shops I am just going to stick to Depop from now on. Its also a plus using Depop because you don't have to pay for listing your product until you have sold it. Obviously, Etsy and Depop are similar but they are not exactly the same, they are both useful in their own ways. Etsy is great for little businesses (Its like a mini online market) and Depop is fab for selling goods quickly! Maybe if everything goes well I will re-open my Etsy again, but for now Depop it is.

Let me know what you guys think. Also let me know what you think about my plant hangers!
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