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3... (Late) July Favourites.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

My July favourites are a little late, but hey ho! Better late than never, right? So, first off is of course the Sleek Highlighting palette. I am not going to babble on about it (I have a whole post on it right here) but I will say it is amazing and you that you needed to go and buy it!

 Another fave this month is my new room! I am not revealing too much, although I did put a cheeky snap of it on my Instagram. I want to do a post dedicated to the new bits I have added, so you will see everything in that post!

And finally, my new little babes. I got my Canon 700D right at the end of July, but I had to include it in my favourites. The quality of this camera is unbelievable! I have been taking pictures of bloody everything... It is just so good and well worth the money.

Do you have any favourites for July?

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6 comments on "3... (Late) July Favourites."
  1. Have fun with your new camera, that's so exiting!


  2. Replies
    1. I know girl, I am loving it so far!!

  3. the sleek highlighting kit is sold out everywhere i sad.