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Looking Fresh All Day Long! - Featuring TM Lewin's Infinity Suit.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Looking and feeling fresh all day long can be difficult. Whether its at work or at a day long event everyone wants to look smart from start to finish. So I thought I'd put a post together along with a few tips!

So for men I would recommend a high quality suit. TM Lewin's Infinity Suit would be the perfect piece for a long day at work/event. It offers greater protection against crushing and creasing that will help you stay looking sharp all day long. As well as the crease resistance the Infinity Suits open weave absorbs excess water, leaving you feeling cool & comfortable. To go along with the new pieces they put the suit to the test and my gosh, it looks amazing!

Heres a sneak peak! It will be released tonight at 6pm.
Chase Armitage (the model in this vid) has been credited as one of the most experienced and creative directors shooting Parkour and Free Running. Amazing right? An ad like this shows off just how amazing and practical the Infinity Suit is!

My first tip for women is again, investing in a good piece of clothing. Whether you go for a dress or trousers, it is worth investing in high quality pieces! I love Mango and Zara for smart looking investment pieces. My second tip is to always keep some make up in your bag (if you wear it that is!). I always keep my beauty blender, concealer, eyeliner and some lipstick in my bag, just so I can touch up throughout the day.

Those are my tips, what are yours? And how amazing does the Infinity Suit look?!

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