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Astral, The Moisturiser That Came Out Of Nowhere!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

I recently placed an order with Asos and in the parcel was my dress, and a little 50ml pot of Astral cream. At first I thought I had purchased it by accident, but I then realised it was a (rather good size) sample. Asos are good like that, now and again you get free gifts/samples with your order. I remember receiving crackers as the gift at one point, haha! Anyway, I started to try the cream and do a little research on it and it's not out of nowhere at all! I came across multiple articles about celebs, like Joanna Lumley, swearing by the stuff! 

I have been using the cream for around a week now and I just knew I had to post about it. It is so bloody good! And cheap too, at only £7.99 for a 500ml potThe texture of the cream is super thick and heavy, kind of like Sudocrem. That did put me off at first as I didn't want my skin to feel heavy and greasy, but this product actually did the opposite. It sunk into my skin leaving it feel, plump and soft. A lot of woman are using it as an anti ageing product, saying it makes their skin look and feel younger. I wasn't using it for this purpose but I suppose its never too early to start, right? Hahaha! The best thing I have noticed is how moisturised my skin is now. My make up glides on better and the dryness on my forehead is fading. I thought I loved the Aveeno cream, but I think this is my new fave!

As for the scent, it is basically that typical granny smell. I sound horrible don't I?... It's not a bad smell, its like a rosey, clean scent. It not my kind of thing but it isn't off putting at all. 

This pot of goodness has definitely saved my winter skin, just in time for the Christmas festivities too!

Have you ever heard of or tried Astral face and body moisturiser?

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