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My Top 6 Favourite Christmas Films - Inspired By Luma.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Eek, it's almost Crimbooo! I thought it was about time I spoke about my top 6 Christmas films! Is it sad that I have that many? Haha! Anyway, todays post is inspired by Luma, a fast and reliable (and pretty stylish if I do say so) wifi system that allows you to access wifi in every room. The wifi in my house doesn't quite reach the loft so something like their customisable home surround wifi system would be fab to use to stream those Christmassy movies!

So lets count down, starting with my 6th fave film... The Nightmare Before Christmas! Does anybody actually know if this is a Halloween or Christmas film? I watch it on both occasions so I am not totally sure.
5th Scrooged with Bill Murray, it's a classic! 
4th is the good old Polar Express. This would have been further up my list but the next three were hard enough to try and sort.
3rd is Elf! Everyone loves Elf and lets be honest, we have all quoted 'cotton headed ninny muggins' at least once, haha!

So my runner up is Arthur Christmas. I just think this movie is so cute! The street that the little girl lives in reminds me of my street, so it makes me love it more!
And finally, if you know me well enough you will know that The Grinch is my favourite Christmas film ever! I have dressed up as a Who, I have a Grinch Christmas jumper and this year I have Grinch wrapping paper, which was from Primark, £1.50 if you was wondering.

Now I read this list back I realise that all of this films are kind of childish. Oops, oh well! If you can't act like an excited child on the run up to Christmas when can you?!

What are your top 3 Christmas films?

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5 comments on "My Top 6 Favourite Christmas Films - Inspired By Luma."
  1. yes, someone who watch nightmare before christmas on christmas! and here i thought i was weird LOL. i try to watch that movie on halloween of every year too. i love nightmare before christmas so much!

    out of these films, i have only watched 3 of them: the grinch, nightmare before christmas and polar express. and you just remind me of arthur christmas! good, now i have something i haven't watched before! recently, i've been running out of films to watch so this is a nice idea lol

    i never think about my favorite christmas films, tbh....maybe because i don't celebrate it. i also don't watch a lot of christmas themed films, now that i think about it. i wonder why, hm... BUT i do enjoy some christmas themed films -- for instance, christmas carol. it's a good movie, imo.

    1. Haha, I am glad it is not just me then! I forgot about a Christmas carol! I love that film too!!

  2. My all time favourite film at Christmas is national lampoons Christmas vacation love it
    Great blog as always

  3. My all time favourite film at Christmas is national lampoons Christmas vacation love it
    Great blog as always