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The Cat Cafe, Manchester.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Best day of my life! I went to the Cat Cafe in Manchester didn't I?! It was amazing so I thought I would share my experience with you guys. FYI, this could end up being a very long post!

So we arrived in Manchester on a surprisingly quiet Saturday morning. We first stopped off in The Printworks for some breakfast, which was delish. We then quickly made our way up to the Cat Cafe, which is about a 5 minute walk (10 at a push). 

Upon arrival they explained a few of the rules they had in place. These were just things like, don't chase the cats, don't disturb them while they sleep, don't pick them up blah blah. Its just common sense really isn't it? Haha! We were also told to take our shoes off or we could walk around with those weird little shoe covers on. I didn't know about this so I obviously went unprepared without any socks and I didn't really fancy wearing bags on my feet, so I just went in barefoot.

So, we put our shoes in our locker and headed through a pretty dark corridor (sounds mysterious right?) to be greeted by a bright spacious room, friendly staff, an extremely chilled atmosphere and of course CATS! 

We took a seat on one of the larger sofas and ordered some coffees, which were fab may I add! The drinks were included in the price (£12 for 1 hour) and if you wanted a slice of cake it was an extra £2 or so. It really good value for money as you can have as many drinks as you want. We spent the next hour dossing with the kitties, slurping tea and coffee and taking far to many photos.

Our hour sadly came to an end, but we enjoyed every moment of it and deffo got our moneys worth. If an hour isn't enough for you, you can stay for longer but I think it was something like an extra £1 for every extra 5 minutes you stayed.

The Cat Cafe also holds events like movies nights with the cats to curl up with. That is definitely being added to my list for next time!

Have you ever heard of the Cat Cafe

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6 comments on "The Cat Cafe, Manchester."
  1. This sounds so fantastic! I would find it hard to not pat their little heads as they slept, though, haha :) Ah, life goals!

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. I found it hard to resist too haha!

  2. The cafe sounds purrfect
    Great blog